Motivation Monday

“If you’re not getting rejected on a daily basis, you are not trying hard enough” – Chris Dixon

Don’t weigh yourself down if you are constantly being rejected by employers. They are not rejecting YOU. Rather, they are rejecting a resume. Being rejected means that you are trying to reach the goal you desire. Being rejected over and over again means that you are still trying and refuse to give up. You are ambitious and will develop thicker skin from these rejections until you find what you want. From there, the reward is that much greater and you will learn to appreciate whatever you have achieved. So never give up!

Five ways to remain positive and achieve success


If you want to be successful at what you do, you have to erase all the negative thoughts in your mind and think positive.  Look forward to the future and quit dwelling on the past.

Many entry level junior marketing associates have nothing but positive feelings which has gotten them as far as they are today.

Troy Lewis was a former marketing associate for the Accent Group sales and marketing firm and always surrounded himself with positive content.  This helped him keep his eye on the prize in becoming a marketing manager one day and is now a proud new owner of his own firm, Flex Events, in Columbus, Ohio.

“I follow lots of people who feed positive thoughts on Twitter,” he said. “I’m a firm believer that your thoughts are a reflection of your results. So if you think positive, then you’re going to have positive feelings which will reflect on your actions.  And of course positive actions will lead to positive results.”

Here are five ways you can replace negative and discouraged thoughts into positive ones:

1) Visualize your success and set your goals: Remember the reason why you want to be successful and start forming and implementing a plan.  Set short-term goals that can be achieved in a small amount of time in order to fulfill the long-term goal you desire. You will feel a lot more positive when you know that you can achieve many short-term goals which will motivate you to keep on going until you reach that ultimate goal.

2) Expect obstacles along the way and be patient: “The course of true love never did run smoothly.” – Shakespeare. Although this article has nothing to do with love, the quote is a metaphor for everything you want to successfully achieve in life. Nothing is perfect and you should not be discouraged if you hit a few bumps along the way.  Know that overcoming big and small obstacles will positively shape the person you are and you will have a larger appreciation for the final result.

3) Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself: This is easier said than done because whether we want to admit it or not, many people do care about what others think.  If people discourage you or refuse to believe in you, ignore them. YOU are the one who truly knows yourself and what YOU are capable of. Only YOU can change yourself and determine your own destiny.

4) Tell yourself that you will eventually hit the finish line: “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt. It’s better to be in the mindset that you will reach your goal than to be negative and not believe it at all.  Success does not happen overnight.

5) Find a positive in everything: For every one negative obstacle, there is at least one positive outcome that results from it. When something doesn’t happen the way you want, stop and think logically about why it didn’t happen and find a positive that came out of the negative obstacle. Move on from there because there is no point to dwell on something that doesn’t make you happy.  It also won’t push you to go any further.

ON THE JOB: Appreciation Events’ Event Coordinator


Alissa Petel (wearing the striped shirt) attracted employees to Appreciation Events’ discounted certificates at the Polaris Realty event in Toronto, Ontario. The day was fun-filled with an employee BBQ, music and satisfaction from everyone who were able to save money and enjoy their discounted certificates!

If you are outgoing, have a creative mind and genuinely love working with people, Appreciation Events is hiring event coordinators across North America. Check out the postings here.