Feature Friday: Job Window’s first Canadian client!

Andre Zahrebelny, the owner of Pure Octane Talent sales and marketing firm, would describe his company as “high Octane” simply because of the vibrant energy that his team exerts from one another.

“We all try to make work fun everyday for everyone,” he said. “It’s one team, one dream. We’re all in it together and all of our goals for the company are the same and we make sure everyone is on the same page.”

Outside of work, the team also enjoys “team nights” once a week where everyone gets together for fun activities such as dinner, comedy shows and holiday parties. They will also be attending Halloween Haunt this weekend at Canada’s Wonderland.

Unlike the other sales and marketing companies that The Job Window has been featuring and recruiting for, Pure Octane Talent runs its road show events inside Canadian Tire instead of Sam’s Club. So for all you Torontonians and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) job seekers out there, this is your chance to start your marketing career today!

Zahrebelny loves to motivate and mentor new entry level candidates who join their team. There is never a candidate that he can’t motivate if the person is willing to learn.

“It isn’t hard to get them [entry level candidate] up on their feet and be successful,” he said. “That’s what our training is all about. We train them to be excited about the events and products, we train them on the product knowledge and inform them on everything that is going on.”

The firm launched in January and they are already executing retail events inside up to 10 Canadian Tire locations across the GTA on a daily basis. Pure Octane Talent has obtained a number of clients whom they successfully help promote their products and incorporate them into the retail marketplace.

“It’s non-stop,” Zahrebelny said. “All of our [employees] emotions come out when we try to promote and sell the products during road shows. People buy off of emotion first and then they buy off their logic. We try to get the customers as passionate as we are about the items so they can leave feeling satisfied and we end our day feeling accomplished.”

As Zahrebelny and his company grows, his office is always looking for fresh individuals. If you think you are energetic and have what it takes to effectively control high volumes of customer traffic during retail events, you are someone they may be looking to hire.

Apply today through http://www.Indeed.ca, http://www.Monster.ca or http://www.CareerBuilder.ca and simply type in “The Job Window” in the search bar and “Richmond Hill, ON” as the location.

Good luck everyone 🙂


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