Tip Tuesday: How to prepare for an ‘in-store’ interview

For those of you who have already scheduled your in-store interview with one of the sales and marketing firms through The Job Window, here are some tips to prepare for the important day. And even if you didn’t apply to any of our job postings but have an upcoming interview, this can be helpful too!

Most of us are familiar with the typical one-on-one job interview in the office, but what about on-site interviews? Although they are very similar, there are some key differences about on-site interviews that are important to remember:

1. Dress appropriately

This goes without saying. Even though you will be interviewed in a big-box retail setting such as Sam’s Club or Costco, it is still a professional environment and you must follow dress code etiquette. Wearing something that is “business professional” is key: blazers, ties, and dress shoes for the gentlemen, pants and a conservative blouse for the ladies. If you are having trouble determining whether something is appropriate to wear to a job interview, a good rule of thumb is to lean towards a more formal, conservative style.

2. Do your research

Nothing turns a manager off more than a candidate coming in without knowing an ounce about their company.  Do your research – plain and simple.  It shows that you are interested in the firm you may be working for as well as the people you will be working alongside with. Even something as simple as reading through the company’s website to gain a better grasp of what they do will give you more confidence in your interview.  It shows the interviewer that you are a person who cares about what they do. Learning about the company and the job will give you confidence when you go in for the interview. When conducting face-to-face customer interaction during road shows, having confidence is essential.

3. Ask questions about the company’s growth

This is related to #2. Firms are ultimately looking for candidates who are able to work from the ground-up and eventually manage road show events one day.  With that said, not only should you ask questions about the company and their products, but how the position you are interviewing for can help you advance within the company.  This shows that you are thinking outside the box and towards the bigger picture.  With the success of road shows, the owners of each firm are looking to expand and promote you as one of their managers in the future.  Asking about growth opportunities, challenges and the negatives and positives of being a manager shows your independence and that you have the drive and self-motivation to rise to the top.

4. Be social

Having a good grasp of social etiquette and conversation skills will help you get the most of your interview. Demonstrating that you have people skills will greatly help you in the in-store interview. Unlike the typical office interview where you have one or two people interviewing you, the on-site interview will be interactive with the reps and customers.  This is where your social game comes into play.  Mingling and engaging in small talk is an easy way to do this. Part of the job is to be friendly and have the ability to communicate with customers and your manager effectively.  Remember to be polite to everybody you meet in the store, not just the interviewer.  Word gets around so you want to maintain as good of a reputation as possible.


One thought on “Tip Tuesday: How to prepare for an ‘in-store’ interview

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