Motivation Monday: Do what you love

Find yours and don’t let anyone stop you.


How high will YOU climb to get to the TOP?

Jesse Chadwick, a Pure Octane employee who was promoted to trainer in less than a week of working in the entry level position, gave an interesting analogy of the difference between those who are very successful and those who just settle with their careers.

Here’s what the hardworking and driven candidate had to say:

“There’s pullers, there’s people who sit at the bottom of the mountain and there’s people who climb to the top. A puller are the people who are at the bottom of the mountain and they admire the mountain because they think it’s great. The people who climb halfway up the mountain say ‘Wow I made it this far and it’s pretty cool to come up here and see everything down below such as the valleys’. Then there’s the people who go all the way to the top and reach the peak of the mountain. So all the people who work for Andre [at Pure Octane] are the people who are going to the top of the mountain. That’s their goal and that’s what they want to do and they’ll work hard for it.”

So, how would you classify yourself?

Tip Tuesday: Women’s interview attire

Ladies, if you’re going to wear a skirt to a job interview, make sure that it is as conservative as it can be and not tight-fitted. The most important rule of thumb when choosing to wear a one is that it has to be no shorter than your knees. If possible, pair it with black tights. In terms of colour, black is always the way to go but any neutral colour will do.

Remember that you are trying to make a good first impression to your employer, not your friends at a party.