Tip Tuesday: 6 things to consider when looking for a job


If you could go back in time and start your job search all over again, would you? What would you change or do differently? What would you not change? Here are some tips to help you avoid the “what ifs” as you move along in your job search and career.

Network, network, network!
We can’t stress this enough. We stressed it in most of our previous posts because it is THAT important – probably the most important factor in searching or landing a job these days. Take the extra step and talk to professionals in the industry you are interested in as well as shoot out emails or phone calls to friends, family members and professors. Like the saying goes: “it’s a small world” and you never know who they will know. And even if these people cannot connect you to a job or a hiring manager, they can give their two cents about your field of choice or general career advice that can help you down the road.

Keep in touch with professionals in your field:
After you reach out to people who can help you, keeping and building a relationship is key. Shoot them an email or phone call from time to time asking how they are doing. If you noticed that they’ve done something significant such as publish an article online, email them and compliment them on their work.  As you get more comfortable, you can initiate a time to go for coffee or lunch with the person. This is a great opportunity to sit down with them one-on-one and talk about things that cannot be properly communicated through email.

Be up-to-date with current job market skills:
The world is moving at a significantly fast pace and things are constantly changing around the job market and work environment. For example, social media has become such a huge part of marketing today that many companies are looking for candidates who possesses that knowledge even if the position they’re hiring for has nothing to do with social media. Make sure you know and are able to perform more than what is asked in the job description.

Be honest:
Don’t put something in your resume or cover letter that you’ve never done just to impress the hiring manager. Even if you don’t get busted during the interview, your employer may call your previous employer one day and your cover will be blown. Hold your head up high and be proud of what you’ve done.

Keep an open mind:
While setting high expectations is a great way to pave the road to success, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t end up in the job field of your choice on your first try. Remember, very few people land their dream job after graduation. You have to work your way up. Even if you are in a completely different industry, keep your eye on the prize and continue to move towards it. There will be bents in the road no matter what you do. Because if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be thousands of articles on how to land a job right?


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