Part One: Landing Your First Job: 4 Essential Tips

Challenges Before Your First Job

The easy phase:
First you need to learn to walk and talk. You’re barely out of your first year and that’s usually in the bag. We can skip over the part about leaving the diapers behind, and skim over the trials and tribulations of primary school.

The adolescent years:
Then high school comes along and things start to get serious. For some, it means four years of dedication but others might take a year or two to really get down to work.

College or university?
By the last couple of years in high school, anyone serious about moving on to college or university and building themselves a strong foundation for a future is working hard to achieve the marks to get into the school of their choice. At that time, it seems like the biggest challenge ahead of you is everything involved in getting into the post secondary school and program you’ve decided on. Then you’re in! Hurdle crossed.

School’s Done. Now What?

The first job after graduation:
Post secondary school is one challenge piled onto the next: Essays, exams and fitting in a social life. Then all of a sudden you’re done and all that hard work and challenges are behind you.

Some people are fortunate to have a job already lined up so they can close the doors of school and open the doors of employment, but most aren’t that lucky.  For those landing that first job after graduation is the newest, biggest challenge of their lives.

Over the next four days we’ll be discussing 4 tips to help you tackle that challenge.  Come back tomorrow for tip #1.


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