Part Four: Landing Your First Job 4 Essential Tips

Tip #3: Giving Your Time to the Community

You’ve graduated, you’re ready to hit the job market, you’ve been sending out resumes and networking with everyone you can think of and still nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Well here’s something: think about volunteering or doing an internship. You still may not be getting paid any money, but you are getting work experience.

Get an Idea of the Industry of Your Choice

Whether you have a very clear idea about the sort of job you’re looking for or your future still looks a little murky, a fantastic way to get some experience under your belt and/or get a better perspective for future prospects is to volunteer.

You want to work in radio? See if your local station will take you on as an intern or a volunteer. Interested in learning more about marketing? Want to work in a museum?  A lot of places may not be hiring, but they might be open to bringing on an intern or a volunteer. You’ll get a chance to see the business from the inside. See how you feel in the environment, learn a few things, meet a few people – add to your networking network.

Advantages of Volunteering for Non-Profit

Gain work experience:
Volunteering is a huge way to gain work experience. Not-for-profit organizations are usually working within a pretty tight budget. That means they need to make the most use of every single person that comes to work with them. By doing this, you’ll most likely get the opportunity to really dig in – and come out with more hands on, diverse experience than you’d get in a bigger corporation that can afford to hire more hands.

Work experience on your resume:
Not only are you gaining experience, and feeling good about what you’re doing, volunteering also looks great on your resume. Employers may be impressed with you even more if they see that you dedicated your time to work for no pay. Also, the skills you learn today may be the one you’ll use tomorrow in your new job.

Tomorrow we’ll feature our final tip in the series. Don’t miss it!

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Tip #2: Using Your Personal Network to Network
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