How to Deal with Rejection at Work

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Job Window thought it’d be fun to make a video about rejection on this special occasion (not that we want to bring anyone down. It’s just for fun). It’s never fun to be rejected on this day but it happens a lot at work even if you don’t realize it. So if you’ve been turned down either by your boss, colleague or supervisor for a project, promotion or an idea, here are some tips on how to deal with it. And if you haven’t dealt with any kind of rejection at work yet, this video will help you prepare.

Rejection at work isn’t something that should be taken seriously. Whether you work in a small or big environment, whatever your boss does or whoever he chooses to complete a task is for the best of the company. So don’t take anything personally. All you can do is try to improve your skills and prove to your boss that you’re a valuable employee to the workplace.


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