Newton and Your Career Path

What does Sir Isaac Newton have to do with your career path and aspirations in life? Whether you’re looking for a job or already employed. One of the key things is to never sit back and relax if you haven’t found that “dream job”. 

Something That’s Moving, Keeps Moving:
Newton’s first law of motion states that: “An object is either at rest or moves at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force.”  So what does Newton’s law of motion have to do with me and my job search?

Plenty, actually. The law is saying that something that’s already moving will keep moving and something that’s not moving will be idle forever. So you wrote your resume, checked it twice and saved it in your computer to be sent out to any job that comes up. Once it’s saved and unchanged in your computer, it becomes one of those unmoving objects. It loses momentum and relevance and it’s going to continue to sit there until acted on by an external force – YOU! By updating it, you tailor it to each job and you’re continually adding new things to it.

The More Force You Apply, the Faster the Movement:
The wisdom of Newton doesn’t stop there. The second law states: “The acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the force being applied.” It’s pretty easy to see how that applies to you. The more attention you pay to that job search the more force you apply and the more movement you’ll see in your situation. Essentially, it all comes down to momentum. It’s a lot easier to keep momentum moving than to build momentum – or worse, to start momentum.

Before we close off, one more bit of Newton wisdom. A few words of inspiration actually: “Live your life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation.”


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