Landing a Job as an Introvert

You’re an introvert and probably prefer to be in a company with a few people than a company with many people. You’re not the type to come away from loud, busy situations feeling stimulated. You may not be the first to voice your opinion (which is not to say you don’t have as strong opinions as anyone else). But does that mean your job search is going to be harder or less successful than your extroverted contemporaries? Not at all – it just means you’re going to take a different path to your destination.

Can introverts find it in themselves to network?
An extrovert might find him or herself the center of attention at a party. But the key to networking is building one-on-one relationships where you articulate what you’re looking for and ask for guidance and help. An introvert has just as much chance of making that connection as an extrovert.

Should introverts forget about being a leader?
Does being introverted mean you shouldn’t have leadership ambitions or desires? Absolutely not! Although extroverts and introverts have different management styles and relate differently to the people they work with, neither one is any better or worse in leadership positions than the other. In some situations, the management style of the extrovert will produce better results in others than the introvert. For example, people who like a lot of direction will do very well under an extroverted leader. However, people who prefer the chance to explore alternatives and experiment with new ways of doing things feel more empowered by a more introverted leader.

Can introverts be a strong salesperson?
At first glance you might be inclined to think a personable, engaging extrovert would be miles ahead in the sales game compared to a quieter and more reserved individual. Well, think again. Neither introversion nor extraversion will be an indicator success as a salesperson. The best sales people are the ones in the middle. They don’t turn others off with all the loud blustering and neither do they get ignored in the quiet. For sales, the best road is the middle road and that’s where introverts and extroverts need to meet.

Famous introverts:
Albert Einstein and Warren Buffet was an introvert and so is J.K. Rowling, just to name a few. They were and are still very much in the public eye who are leaders and unafraid of success and game changers. When it’s your turn at bat, the real question isn’t whether you prefer to wear a brightly colored shirt blazoned with “I’M HERE!” or you prefer more muted attire. The question is what you do once the ball has been pitched.


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