Inspiration from Walt Disney

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From sketching a rabbit to building a multi-billion dollar empire, surely there are a few things about Walt Disney’s success and motivation that we can take with us.

Walt Disney’s humble beginnings

When that humble little mouse started whistling a song on an old steamboat, people must have thought he was pretty cute. However, no one could have dreamed that he would eventually spawn magic carpet rides, adventure up Witch Mountain, through Wonderland and Neverland; or that his brethren would cavort with pirates in the Caribbean or with countless princesses or bears, Pooh and otherwise – no one except maybe Walt Disney himself.

Everyone has to start somewhere

It’s not like he was riding on the tail of some great success he’d already achieved, not at first anyway. When Disney first tried to get work as an artist he was turned flatly away.  Undaunted, he eventually made his way into animation – at first by using cutouts. Then after reading a book about animated cartoons, he decided that was where he wanted to devote his time and energy.

The Failure Roadblock

Walt Disney secured a deal with a local theatre owner, recruited a coworker started creating cartoons. After they started gaining steam he hired more animators and made more cartoons. However, the cartoons weren’t making enough money to pay the animators and the company went bankrupt.

Giving up wasn’t an option

Undaunted, Walt Disney and his brother Roy decided to try again. – this time, in Hollywood. They created a couple of successful characters but lost the rights to them. Still undaunted, Disney decided to create a new character to replace the lost ones. That character was Mickey. The tenacity and dedication Walt Disney demonstrated in bringing Mickey to life is what’s still inspiring dreams in generation after generation 85 years after his mouse took the help of his steamboat.

To round out this little inspirational Disney moment, a few more words. “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


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