Tailor your Resume to the Job!

If you’re anything like I was, you printed off a stack of resumes and merrily set to work, dropping them off at places you’d like to work until your supply was all gone. You made everything vague enough to make sense pretty much everywhere you applied, and figured that was good enough.
By now, you may or may not have figured out that it is indeed not enough. Your days of sending off bunches of generic resumes to whatever job postings you see online or in your neighbourhood are over.
If you’re serious about getting a job – from McDonalds to lion taming to high end sales – it is your responsibility to tailor your resume for each place you apply instead of sending out a one-size-fits-all. Include work experience most relevant to each place uniquely, change your mission statement, write a cover letter explaining more deeply why you believe your presence would benefit them. Your potential employer goes through a lot of resumes – it’s kind of insulting if you were too lazy to make reading yours worth their time.
So just put in the effort – apply in a more quality way to less places, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll get a lot more callbacks & interviews.


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