Go Above and Beyond at Work!


When you’re at work, you need to remember you’re being paid for every minute you spend there. So act like it. If you want to become indispensable, you need to keep in mind someone is giving you money to do what you’re doing. Don’t waste their money by wasting your time. You are expensive, make yourself worth the investment.


Don’t settle for nothing to do. If you’re done today’s tasks, start on tomorrow’s. Get a week ahead. A month. Clean – clean your desk area, clean your computer’s memory. Research how to do your job better. Ask your co-workers if they need help – and all of this is only AFTER you have insured you have done the best possible job on all your current tasks.


Write down ideas on how the company can work together to accomplish your goals better. Tell these ideas to the people above you. Show them you care. Show them you’re doing your best. Work late when you need to. Make everyone else’s life easier. Make your time worth their money.


Stand out.


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