How to Make Your Commute Less Awful


“Don’t be idle on your morning commute – if you’re not driving, read!” 

– Nicole Gullota

How to Make Your Commute Less Awful

Hey. You. The Car-less one. The one trapped on buses or trains for approximately a billion hours a week. The public transportation commuter. I get you. I feel your pain.


But hey, it doesn’t have to be pain. Here are a few ways to make your commute a little less painful.

 1. Read a book


This is the most obvious one, but it really is great. Reading on the bus or the train makes the time melt away like soft serve ice cream, (really boring ice cream though. Like vanilla.)

 2. Edit your Work 

I don’t know you. I don’t know your life. But if you’re the type of person who has a lot of writing to do, and a lot of printing and editing of said writing, the bus is the perfect place to get editing done. You’re forced to sit in the same spot for an hour anyway, you may as well get some work done.

 3. Listen to Music


I’ve donned my heroic Captain Obvious cape for this one, but it really does help. Research suggests music can actually speed up your very perception of time – it compresses the way you feel time pass if you listen to music you like. So you can sort of time travel by putting your earbuds in. It’s pretty cool.

 3. Podcasts & Audiobooks


If you’re driving but you want to feel like you’re reading, this one’s good. There are all sorts of podcasts on the web – science, comedy, pop culture, music, all sorts. They usually range from 20 minutes to an hour and they’ll make the time slip away.


Audiobooks are good too. I know a commuter who listened to the entirety of the published Song of Ice and Fire series (otherwise known as Game of Thrones), over the course of their morning commutes. I don’t know if you’ve seen those books, but that is an insane amount of listening.


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