Lessons From Trailblazers: JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling enjoys the benefits of being one of the most successful authors of all time – having written an entire series of best selling Yong Adult fiction, which was then adapted into a series of eight highly successful movies, she lives in absolute luxury.


But it wasn’t always this way.



During the writing process of the first Harry Potter novel, Rowling was suffering through a divorce and the death of her mother. Much of the now world-famous book was written on napkins in the middle of the night when the anxieties of her life kept her awake at night. These things drove her into severe depression and a near impoverished financial state.


Despite all of it, she worked on the novel she was passionate about. No matter what life threw her way, she diligently worked on what would soon become an unforgettable classic for young audiences everywhere.


When the book was published, everything changed for Rowling. She’s currently richer than the Queen of England.


Let her strife be a lesson to follow your ambitions no matter what life throws your way – work through adversity and you will surely succeed.


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