Networking, Networking, Networking!


If “location, location, location” is the jargon of real estate, “networking, networking, networking” is that of your job search.


Networking is possibly the most important part of your job search. A somewhat depressing fact is that 80% of jobs aren’t posted – and the candidates found to fill these positions are found through connections.


So go out and meet people – meet as many people as you can in your field and get to know them. Do favors for people. Just be a generally A+ person to be around, and soon it will boomerang back to you.


If you do people favors, they’ll remember how helpful and professional you are, and when they see a job opening, they’ll let you know. If you prove you’re easy to get along with, and good at your craft, you’re the one people will think about first.


So give out business cards, ask people with careers you aspire to if you can buy them lunch or a coffee and ask them questions – get to know them, keep theircontact information, make an impression.


Network, network, network!


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