For something so simple, man can lunches ever be a stresser. Hopefully this article will help you organize the deceptively un-simple issue of what to have for lunch!


  1. Follow the Ten O’Clock Rule


The Ten O’Clock rule is easy to follow and it makes life (and lunch) so much easier. Here’s what you do: every night at ten, set an alarm. The second your ten o’clock alarm goes off, go make your lunch and choose which clothes to wear tomorrow.


That way, you have your two big morning tasks out of the way and don’t have to worry about it. (It also helpfully negates the early morning freak-out of having nothing to bring for lunch, and ending up dejectedly eating chips from the vending machine because you couldn’t find anything else to eat).


  1. Be Careful Not to Eat Out Too Much


Not only is eating out not particularly healthy (we both know you didn’t got to McDonalds for their variety of salads), it can also eat away at your money. When you’re at work – especially at the beginning of your career – every dollar should count. You probably still have student loans to pay off, rent to cover, and dinner to buy. Eating out every day because you can’t be bothered to pack yourself a lunch is going to start costing you eventually. Think about it – how much does buying some cold cuts and bread to make a sandwich for yourself cost in a month? Maybe $50 if you power through food really quick. Now how much does eating out cost? Probably about 10 dollars for a full lunch? That’s $50 in just a week. There are about 260 work days in a year. That’s $2600 of rent money that you’re eating! Quit it!


  1. Leftovers Are The Way of Champions


Seriously. Leftovers. Make more dinner than you need – or if you’re eating out, order something you know you can’t finish. And then save half – (or a quarter, since you typically won’t eat as much for lunch as for dinner).


If you eat leftovers, you don’t have to worry about preparing an entire other meal. Just put whatever you had in the fridge into a container and call it a day. Plus it won’t be rushed like lunches usually are! You get all the delicious, time consuming effort that goes into dinner, with zero effort for lunch.


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