Encouraging Women To Reach For The Top

Sheryl Sandberg2


Sheryl Sandberg is CEO of Facebook – and A+ job for anyone, but something almost unheard of for a woman. What’s that you say? I don’t think I heard right. CEO is almost unheard of for a woman? It’s 2014. Gender issues are way behind us. Except they’re not. Even now in our enlightened age, women are still not making it to the top of professions.


In corporations only 15% of women are at the top. In non-corporations the number rises – all the way to a whopping 20%. It doesn’t have to be that way. In an inspiring TED talk (which we’ve linked to below) Sheryl Sandberg offers 3 pieces of advice to women ready to take their careers to the top.



  1. Sit at the table

Meaning don’t park yourself somewhere in the sidelines – get yourself front and center with the men. Women underestimate their own worth. They don’t negotiate for themselves in the workforce. 57% of men negotiate salary only 7% of women. Men attribute their success to themselves while women attribute it to outside factors. No one gets to the corner office by sitting in sidelines. Or by not valuing themselves and their worth.


  1. Make your partner a real partner

We’ve made more progress in the workforce than at home. If a couple, man and woman are both working full time, the woman does twice the housework as the man and 3 times childcare. The work of keeping the house and family running is the hardest job in the world for both genders, but if they share equal responsibility, then both have the opportunity to put their best effort in at their jobs – and as a side benefit the divorce rate is half!


  1. Don’t leave before you leave.

As soon as a woman starts thinking about having a child she stops taking on new projects, and starts holding back. That doesn’t mean she stops giving her full enthusiasm and determination to her work near the end of her pregnancy or even once she becomes pregnant, it means she stops as soon as she thinks about possibility getting pregnant. A job needs to be challenging and rewarding when a woman returns from maternity leave, otherwise she’ll be bored and uninterested. Don’t leave before you leave. Keep foot on gas pedal until day you’re ready to leave.




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