An Ernest Hemingway Quote

Ernest Hemingway Quote - The Job Window

“When people talk, listen completely. People rarely listen.” – Ernest Hemingway

As this Ernest Hemingway quote displays, listening is almost like a superpower. We live in such a self obsessed society, that often in conversation the only thing you’re doing is waiting your turn to speak, and not fully internalizing what the other person is saying too.

People can see right through that. They know you’re not listening. And in turn they won’t listen to you either.

Stop that cycle. When you’re talking to someone – listen to them. Ask questions. Do your best to fully understand. And don’t ask questions so it SEEMS like you’re interested – just actually get interested! No matter what they’re talking about, I’m sure you can find an aspect of it that genuinely interests you. So delve into that. People appreciate it.

It’s also really helpful when it comes to your job – if you fully listen and really, wholly understand what is expected of you and what your goals are, you’ll be more able to achieve them successfully.

Not to mention that your boss will appreciate your genuine attentiveness and focus.

Listening will also make you a much better conversationalist – people love to talk, and when you show actual interest and understanding of what they’re telling you, they’ll appreciate and like you much more for it.

So if you want to be a better worker, conversationalist and friend – learn to listen.



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