Can An Introvert Become Company CEO?

Can An Introvert Become Company CEO?


When we think of leaders, whether they be leaders in our peer group, leaders on a work detail, or leaders of a whole company we will often picture extroverted, Hello, How Are you, Great To Meet you! Let’s spend the next several hours getting to know each other! types.


While extroverts might be great at commanding attention while oozing confidence, that doesn’t necessarily make them the best people to actually lead and inspire others. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are both highly inspiring and great leaders, and both are famous introverts.


Great listeners

Generally introverts actually prefer to listen than to speak. That makes them great listeners. An introvert is more likely to thoroughly listen to what others and telling them and then give those people more room to develop their ideas. An introvert likes to work on his or her own, so they give others the opportunity to do the same. People who work for introverts feel heard and recognized.


Well thought out decisions

Where an extroverted CEO might be inclined to burst out of the gate running full steam ahead, an introvert will more likely have spent a lot more time with an idea in his or her head, regarding it from every perspective before moving forward. Their decisions are well thought out and well informed.


In the GeekWire article, Do Introverts Make Better CEOs 


They refer to a study made by researchers from Stanford and the University of Chicago that found “A correlation between CEOs with reserved personlities and contemporaneous and future return on assets and cash flow.”


Passion has nothing to do with extroversion or introversion

The thing all successful CEOs have in common is great passion for what they’re doing. Passion has nothing to do with whether you love to take command of a room or whether you prefer more intimate encounters. Passion comes from within and when you find something you’re passionate about that’s what’s going to take you to the top.


Check out the inspiring life lessons from these Three introverted CEOs


If you’re introverted and thought leadership was out of the question, think again. The CEO prize is as available to you as anyone else!


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