Why Not?

Why not?

George Bernard Shaw is the author of Pygmalion, the story of a professor who makes a bet that he can take a destitute flower girl from the street and teach her so well that she will pass for a duchess at an upcoming party at the ambassador’s place.


The same story is also told in the movie “My Fair Lady.”


Eliza Dolittle does pass for a duchess at the party. With a little tutoring, she is a transformed woman. Dramatics of the relationship between professor Henry Higgens and ex-street urchin Eliza Dolittle aside, the story is a perfect illustration of George Bernard Shaw’s observation, “Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”


Where you start does not determine where you will end

Just because Eliza Dolittle was born into poverty does not mean she hasn’t got the intelligence and capacity to be something else. She is perceived as a duchess because that’s how she presents herself.


People will generally take you at face value. If you present a confident, competent exterior, people will assume that’s what you are on the inside too.


Just because something or someone is one way that does not mean it or they must always remain that way. Current circumstances are not a snapshot caught in a drop of amber that always must remain as is.


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