Run Or Learn – Monday Motivation


Run Or Learn

What happens if you don’t get the job you were going for? Do you stop applying altogether and resign yourself to a jobless life?


What about if your forever partner breaks it off? Do you decide the best course of action is to hole yourself up all alone in a cabin in the woods forever?


Or if you fail the last exam before your degree? Do you walk away and leave the degree unfinished?


Never let your past determine your future

Hopefully you did not decide on a jobless/loveless/degreeless life and realized the only way what happened in the past can stop you from achieving your future, is if you let it.


Of course it’s heartbreaking when things don’t work out the way you want and sometimes it feels like they never will, but as Rafiki says, you always have a choice. “You can either run from it, or learn from it.”


Choose to learn. Make the world your kingdom!


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