The Upside of Being Unemployed

The Upside of Being Unemployed


No one wants to be unemployed, but most of us get stuck in unemployed land for a while. As much as you may not want to be there, there are ways to make the most of your time.


Appreciate the free time

Instead of moaning about having nothing to do, appreciate the time you have. Remember, once you get back into the working world, free time will be a lost friend you only ever see on weekends.


Work on backburner projects

Have you always said you want to write a book or some poems? Did you want to learn to play a musical instrument? Explore the bike trails in your neighborhood?


We’re not saying to abandon your job search. We are saying that won’t take up ALL of your time, so use what’s left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do!


Stay social

When you’re unemployed and out of school, being social isn’t quite as easy as it is when you have a reason to see people every day. Since you’re not seeing them at class or at work, you need to actually organize times to get together with people.


Do not put this on the backburner or skip it! If you’re alone too long you might find yourself getting depressed for no reason.


Make friends with your local librarian

You know what else being unemployed is good for? Learning.  While you have the time, get yourself to your local library and make a point of learning about things you’ve always wanted to know about. You can pick up some pretty handy skills from books – maybe something that will help you at your next job interview!


Stay positive

Remember not having a job can be kind of exciting! You get to look for something new. Soon you’ll meet new people and get to learn new things. Don’t get bogged down bythe uncertainty – get excited by it!

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