When You Feel Like You Can’t

When You Feel Like You Can't


Despite our best intentions and unbeatable motivation at the outset, sometimes we just run out of gas with our goals and get overwhelmed with – I can’t.


Feeling like you can’t do something and actually not being able to do it are two very different things. Sometimes it comes down to a question of changing your mindset. Check out this article about embracing a new mindset from Lifehack.

Why Do You Want This Job?

The time has come. The interviewer is at the dreaded question – why do you want this job? If it’s not your dream job the real answer is probably something like – I need money to pay rent and buy clothes and food.

Obviously that’s not what the interviewer wants to or should hear. Here are a few tips for answering that sometimes difficult question.

A Learning Free For All

a learning free for all


You want to take courses to make yourself more marketable, you wish you could afford to buy more, you’d really believe learning another language would help you both professionally and personally. The problem is, you’re between jobs or at a low paying position and simply can’t afford any of those things. Chin up my friend, there’s a good chance you can afford way more than you think! There are all kinds of amazing services online available for FREE. Here are a few examples


As much as you like taking courses at this point, not only can you not afford to take any more, you’re probably still paying off the ones you already took. Well what if we told you you could take some of the world’s best courses – at absolutely no cost! Coursera offers free courses with real instructors and real classes at the cost of nothing but your time and dedication.

If you’re having trouble finding a job due to a small gap in your knowledge, this might be just the thing to fill up that gap and get yourself back on your feet!


Everybody loves a great deal. Instead of hoping for a sale at your favorite store why not create your own deals with coupons. The internet is a fantastic source of coupons that can help you save on all kinds of things. RetailMeNot  is a site to get you started. There are tons more. Start searching them out today!

Language learning tools

There are 7 billion people on this planet, and you can only talk to the ones who you share a language with.  Learning a new language not only opens up all kinds of opportunity, it also increases your brain power – creating more opportunity!

There are all kinds of free language learning sites online. Duolingo is one. Some searching will help you find plenty more!

Never before has there been so much opportunity to learn so much at no cost (or a small cost).

Never before has there been so much opportunity to learn so much at no cost (or a small cost).  Check out these 25 tricks for saving money on Amazon from The Babble Out.

The internet is your oyster. Go ahead and crack it open!

Time To Create A Budget

time to create a budget


Do you have trouble making your money last until the end of the month? Are things a little too tight for comfort? Perhaps its time for a little budgeting lesson.


Short term pain, long term gain

Some of these things may not sound fun, but they will lead to saving money which you can then spend on fun things. Let’s start by putting things into perspective. Start by writing down your monthly earnings. Now make a list of all your expenses. Rent, food, coffees, movies, clothes – every single thing you spend money on every month.



Now break down all those expenses into two columns things that you absolutely must pay every single month. Rent, hydro, phone bill etc. Everything else goes into the other column.

Add up everything in the must column and subtract that total from your monthly earnings. What ever is left is what you can divvy up for all those other expenses. If you’re running short every month then the wants column is where you have to cut back.


Less of the wants

That might mean cutting back on the morning coffees or movies. It might mean you’ll have to settle for last year’s wardrobe a little longer. Once you’ve laid out everything in an easy to understand chart it’s easy to see exactly where you can scale back.


Don’t think of it as cutting yourself off from things you love, think of it as finding alternatives. For example, you can still hang out at the bar if that’s what you like to do, but instead of just powering through several beers, have one and just participate in the trivia night.

You could go volunteer somewhere; that’s free and feels lovely. You could go for a bike ride or a hike or a nice walk. Just think outside the box. Or wallet.


Make room for saving

One more thing about budgeting. If possible you want to save a little every month as well so if anything unexpected comes up you don’t suddenly find yourself in an emergency situation. If at all possible, include 10% of your income in the must category. Let that build and take care of itself so if you ever need it, it can take care of you.


Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for acting services rendered.

When Jim Carrey wrote that check he wasn’t already an established actor on the way to the huge bucks. He was a poor, wannabe actor in Los Angles with thousands of other wannabes all striving for the same big breaks. Jim kept going to auditions, putting himself out there on stand-up stages, failing and succeeding, always with that check in his wallet. Ten years after writing the check, Jim Carrey made that ten million dollars for Dumb And Dumber.

Of course, there was no guarantee that Jim Carrey would actually ever make the ten million dollars he was striving for, but fail or succeed, he never stopped working toward it.

If fear of failure is keeping you from pursuing the things you love, you need to remember you can fail at anything – a thing you love or a thing you don’t really care about. Even if you fail at the thing you love, you spent tons of time doing and working toward a thing you love. That in itself is success!

What Is Your Body Saying During Your Interview?

You’ve done all your preparation. You know all about the company you’re applying to and you feel good about what you have to say about yourself and your experience. You’ve got what comes out of your mouth covered – but what about the rest of you?

95% of what you communicate is nonverbal. It’s important to ensure your body language is a confident and sure as the language you use verbally.



A Health Career Starts With A Healthy Body

a healthy career starts with a healthy body


You might think you’re doing the best thing in the world for your life by concentrating all your energy on your career, but if you neglect your body not only will your health suffer, so too will that career you’re working so hard to establish.


Exercise increases productivity

The head at the top of a strong, healthy body is more focused, more creative, and better attuned to assess the options before it; not to mention less prone to the debilitating diseases of a sedentary lifestyle. You may not be great at sports, and you may feel like the gym is some sort of torture chamber, but that should in no way deter you from getting the exercise your body so very much craves. Check out these six reasons why exercise can supercharge your productivity.


Create an exercise routine

If you like going to the gym, then make a point of going. The exercise will benefit your body, mind and spirit. If you like sports then get yourself on some sort of team where you can add practices and games to your routine. If the thought of exercise makes you want to walk slowly the other way, then walk! Get up half an hour earlier and walk, or bike. What about rollerblades, do they appeal to you? It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. The key is getting into a routine where movement is part of your day. That won’t happen by simply agreeing with what you read. It will happen by building the exercise you love/don’t hate into your days.


Get up a little earlier and greet the sun for a morning walk. See if you can get a friend to become your walking/jogging/biking/rollerblading partner to keep you both accountable.


If none of that appeals to you, here are 101 ways to exercise without going to the gym from a women’s health.


Until you get into a routine, the thought of exercising everyday can be a little overwhelming. But remember, you’re not just doing this for your body, you’re doing it for your career, for mental clarity, better decision-making skills, and increased energy.


Once finding opportunities to move becomes a habit, and you start seeing the benefits in every aspect of your life, you’ll look forward to it!

Long Distance Job Hunting

long distance job hunting


You want to move to a new city AND already have a job lined up when you get there. Is that even possible? Yes. If you plan for it.

Outstanding resume 

You already know you need a stand out resume to get a job in the city you’re in. If you want a job in another city that resume doesn’t just need to stand out, it needs to shine like a treasure in Aladdin’s cave.  Catch the recruiter’s attention with a glitter so irresistible you get the opportunity to talk to them and explain exactly what treasure you can bring to their cave.

Accommodate their schedule

If you are applying for a job in a time zone that is opposite your own, make sure you make it as easy as possible for the potential employer to have a Skype call with you. If that means interviewing at 1 am, then you are going to be looking and sounding spectacular at 1 am.

You don’t want to give them any reason to discount you. You’re the one applying from far away. They are already making allowances for you, so make the interview easy for them.

Make sure they realize you are not local

Address your current location and your total willingness to relocate right off the bat in your cover letter. Don’t try to trick them into thinking you’re already where they are because deception is not the foot on which to step into a new relationship. Honesty is always the best policy.

Start off by making sure everyone is on the same page and if all goes well, you’ll all soon be in the same city.

Chances Taken Today Lead to Less Regrets Tomorrow

Chances Taken Today Lead to Less Regrets Tomorrow


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” -Mark Twain


What’s your biggest regret? It’s a pretty common question among friends who are thinking about the past. We’ve all asked it and been asked it many times. Oftentimes you’ll hear people say they don’t have regrets because everything they’ve done up to that point has made them who they are today. However that may not always be the case. The quote above from Mark Twain quote points out why.


Just because you’re happy with who you are, that doesn’t mean you might not still wish you’d done things differently in the past.  When you make an inventory of things you did and didn’t do, Mark Twain suggests that you’re going to be thinking of things you wish you’d done, rather than regretting the things you did.


Avoiding Regrets

So how do you get to a point where you can answer that question, about your biggest regret, by honestly stating you have none? Go out there and do things. Don’t look for reasons why not, or listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Take chances and try new things.


Often when we think of regrets, we think about trips not taken, or opportunities missed because of the cost. Don’t forget to consider Mark Twain’s words in your daily job search as well. Try not to worry about your application being rejected, and apply for your dream jobs.


Cold call companies you want to work for and see if they’re hiring.


The fear of failure can stop you from trying new things. But in twenty years, when you look back on your life, it’ll be the things that you didn’t do that will end up being your answer when your friend asks you what your biggest regret is.