Commonalities In Uncommon Success

Commonalities In Uncommon Success

Each successful person arrived at their success differently – obviously. Each individual brings his or her ideas, imagination, passions and particular objectives to their business. Richard Branson is not Bill Gates, is not Ariana Huffington, but those people along with all the other successful people out there do share a few common traits.


Unwavering conviction

Successful people are completely, 100% confident in what they’re doing. If other people think they’ve gone off the rails, even if they sometimes wonder if this thing they’re doing might just be the craziest thing they’ve ever thought of, they hold the course. They’re confident in their choices and they inspire that same confidence in others.


Inspire trust

You can have the greatest idea in the world but if other people don’t trust you you’re never going to get that idea off the ground. People don’t follow an idea, they follow other people. People who are uncommonly successful inspire trust. Others trust in their ideas, their instincts, and their vision. They choose to join in the effort to bring that vision to fruition.


Believe in the destination not in a particular road to get them there

Sometimes people get so caught up in the way they think something needs to get done, they lose sight of all the other ways of possibly doing it, or the fact that there might even be other ways. Successful people have no problem changing course. If something isn’t working they don’t waste time trying to make it work. Their eyes are on the final destination and they’re willing to consider all possible roads to get them there.


Instead of focusing on problems they focus on opportunities

When they don’t like the way things are, most people complain or try and find work arounds. It’s uncommon to look at a problem and see it as an opportunity, but that’s what the uncommonly successful do. They see the problem as an opportunity to change things for the better. By solving a problem for themselves they’re solving that same problem at large.


Willing to go the distance

Starting something new can be a long, drawn out process. Success might not happen for years. There will be failures. There will be terrible days or weeks, maybe months – enough to make most people give up. There’s the difference between common people and uncommon people. The uncommon ones keep going anyway. They keep on taking risks, they continue believing in themselves and what they’re doing and the team they’ve surrounded themselves with. They change what they need to change, see the opportunities in problems and persist.


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