Put Procrastination In Its Place

Put Procrastination In Its Place


Unless you’re some sort of mental warrior you’ve probably found yourself dealing the procrastination issues from time to time. (For some the problem runs more along the lines of – all the time.) Whether you’re a sometimes procrastinator or an always procrastinator there are a few things you can do to put procrastination in its place.


Start with the hard stuff

You may find that the hardest thing on your to-do list is the thing that gets pushed forward day after day. That hard thing is probably one of the things at the root of your current bout of procrastination, so get it out of the way first. Tackle the hardest thing first thing in the morning when you have the most energy and brain power. Meet the enemy head on so procrastination can’t hide behind it. Even if you don’t finish that’s okay. Getting started on it is important.


The Zeigarnik effect has shown that starting a task and leaving it unfinished causes your brain to keep on working on the task even after you’ve stopped giving it your full attention. That means when you get back to it (first thing the next day) you’ll have an easier time of it because your brain never completely let it go. You won’t even have to battle so hard against procrastination!


Remind yourself how capable you are

You have succeeded at many things before. Remind yourself how capable you truly are. Take a couple of minutes to sit with your breath. Full deep breaths where you feel past successes in your body.


Turn your phone off

Give yourself dedicated time without interruptions. Turn your phone off. Don’t check your email. Have a block of dedicated time where the only thing you are going to think about is the task at hand. (Our natural body rhythms work on 90 minute cycles that’s an deal amount of time to give yourself.)


Challenge yourself

It may sound crazy to make the task even harder than it is, but sometimes if you have to work harder at something it forces your attention and makes it easier to concentrate on what you’re doing and stick with it!

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