Are You In The Right In-Between Job?

Are You In The Right In-Between Job?

If you haven’t yet landed the job where you want to plant your stake, you’re probably working in a between jobs job. That’s cool. Sometimes we still have work to do, or courses to take before we land our ideal job. Maybe it’s a break between big career moves, whatever the reason, the place you head out to each morning is only for now.


It’s important to remember, some transition jobs are more worth your while than others. Before settling in to whatever consider if there’s some thing else that could better fill your “for now” time.


Does it challenge you?

Regardless of whether or not this job is related to your career choice, does it challenge you on some level? Does it engage your critical thinking skills in any way?


If you feel like you’re facing interesting challenges, or you’re learning something or find some aspect of it interesting then you’re probably gaining worthwhile experience on some level.


It doesn’t have to be challenging in your field, but it would be great if it gave your grey matter something to focus on. You are spending hours a day there. If you’re more bored than anything else, it’s probably time to move on to something else.


Do you like the people around you?

Nothing is worth your while if you hate everyone you’re doing it with.  Whether it’s a filler job or your permanent position, if you’re miserable because of a terrible boss or  co-workers you can’t stand, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. You’ve only got this one go round with life, you certainly shouldn’t be miserable for a full third of your days!


Do you have time to pursue your passion?

Does this in-between job give you time to go after your true passion, or is it eating away more hours of your life than it’s worth?  The reason we take these between jobs jobs is so that we can have the space and time to get the job we want.  If your job is taking up so much of your life that you’re  unable to go and do the things you truly want, then it’s not worth your time and you need to get out and do something else.

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