Feel Down? Help Someone Else Feel Better!

Feel Down? Help Someone Else Feel Better!

Ever get to feeling like nothing is going right in your life? Like you’re in a rut professionally. Things aren’t much better personally. Getting out of bed seems like a chore you’d rather not face.


Stuck in a funk

All of us get into a funk sometimes, and we try all sorts of things to alleviate it. Exercise helps. So does paying attention to your diet, adding more natural foods and subtracting the processed stuff. Meditation can help us get out of our heads. Better sleep can help us cope. Learning new things opens our eyes to potential.


Exercise, mediation, diet, sleep are all great. They are also all inwardly focused. Sometimes the best way to make ourselves feel better is to forget about ourselves altogether and make someone else our priority.


Help someone else, help yourself

Life is full of seeming contradictions. Like the more you give the richer you feel. And the more love you share the more love you have to share. Counter intuitive as it may seem at first, the act of helping someone else feel better, will boomerang right back and also make you feel better.


There is something about getting out of our heads and our problems and focusing on someone else that gives us a new perspective on the things getting us down.

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