Notice Life’s Moments

Notice Life's Moments

In general career advice leans heavily on life’s go-go-goes. The rise up the ladder. Shortcuts and hacks to make the most of each day. The people you should meet, the courses you should take, the exercises you should be doing. All that is important. Very important. However, it’s also important not to lose sight of other things that are equally important for a fulfilled, happy life.



Imagine you are a blind person and you see a sunrise for the very first time. What would that be like? Spectacular right? Amazing, magnificent. That sunrise and other equally mesmerizing views are right in front of our faces every single day. The only thing stopping us from appreciating them is a lack of attention. Taking time to notice the moments enriches our lives and makes them more meaningful.


Stay in touch with your senses

As you watched that sunrise (or sunset if you’re more of a late riser), as if for the first time, bring that same perspective to your other senses. Instead of simply having your favorite music on as something in the background take some time and really listen to it. Remember why you love it so much. Feel the softness of the fur of that dog you pet everyday. Explore all the flavors in that salad you’re eating.


The magnificent minutia of the moment

You don’t have to spend every moment diving into the minutia of the moment, but you should certainly spend some time every day doing it.


As slow as life seems to plod along sometimes, it’s actually a fast ride. And people notice, the older they get the faster the ride spins. We won’t get off this ride until we get off for the final time, so take the time to appreciate it. For at least a few moments every day!

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