Five Things To Negotiate Besides Salary

Five Things To Negotiate Besides Salary

Guest post from Duncan Kingori, staff writer at Wonderlic Test Prep


You got the job! The next step is considering your entire compensation package. Most people generalize compensation in the terms of salary. However, there are other things  you should seek to negotiate, like these five:

Office space

Some people prefer a secluded and silent space to work from to be highly productive.  Some like to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle. If you do not let your boss know about your preferences on matters of workspace, you will just end up where you end up. (Keep in mind however, that certain work spaces go hand-in-hand with your job level.)

Vacation time or time off

From time to time you may need to take personal days off for family emergencies. Find out from the onset how many of these you will be allowed and confirm that taking them will not impact your salary.

Also don’t be afraid to ask whether if you miss vacation periods allocated to you, you can roll them over to the next year.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours are an important consideration for many people. Find out if you can you telecommute every once in a while. Can you opt to work from home?

You can also negotiate the possibility of working flex-hours to accommodate other aspects of your life.. For instance, if you have to work for 8 hours, as a mom, you can negotiate having the option of working 4 hours by day, and four by night. Let your employer know when you are most productive, and with a little creativity, the flex-hours could work to both your advantage and that of the company.

Education stipends

Is there room for training to add to your skills? Is there an opportunity for educational allowances to help you further your professional development? While working for a company, there may be a skills gap in your field, especially with the continuous advancements in technology. Negotiate for a provision of finances to help further your education and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Stock options

Inquire about acquiring stock options with the company, to add further value to your compensation.

Being a newbie in a company is not easy, and people often don’t feel comfortable about bringing up differerent areas of negotiation. Remember, salary is not the only thing you can negotiate!

As part of the interviewing process, you may notice that some companies integrate the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, which tests candidates for cognitive ability; giving the employer a rough idea of what their performance may be like at the work place. Candidates who pass these exams feel confident they are qualified for a specific position, which gives them leverage to negotiate terms.

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