Is Your Mindset Fixed Or Open To Growth?



When you look around those around you, you will see high achievers low achievers and many people in the middle of the spectrum, sometimes going all out, sometimes laying low. You might think of high achievers as having something special. Bigger brains, a larger allotment of drive, an ability to somehow squash twenty five or twenty six hours into a day.


The fact is we all have the same general tools at our disposal. Some of us are more mechanically inclined, some more artistically inclined, some are athletes and some are academics. Exactly what a person does or how talented they are isn’t of interest here.  What is of interest is how they approach their lives. Whether they have a fixed or open mindset.


Fixed Mindset

A person with a fixed mindset will decide from the get-go that they (and other people) are either good at something or they are not. They believe failure is a definitive answer to the question of their abilities. From a fixed mindset perspective, a person is pretty much born with a certain set of abilities and there’s nothing they can do to change that. So they avoid challenges, give up easily and look at effort as mostly a waste of time.


Generally people with a fixed mindset feel threatened by the success of others. They feel powerless to achieve comparable success on their own.


Growth Mindset

A person with an open mindset has a completely different approach to themselves and their potential. They look at where they at any given moment as a starting point. They believe they have the capacity to learn new things. That failure is simply and opportunity to learn and grow. They embrace challenges and are prepared to put in however much effort is required to get where they are going.


Rather than feeling threatened by the success of others, they are inspired to keep on trying.


Same abilities, different mindset

We may not have any control over our natural abilities, but every single one of us can determine our mindsets. We can choose whether we believe it’s important to keep trying. Whether it’s worth it to heed the advice of others. If we are going to feel threatened by others or inspired by them.


We change our minds all the time. It’s up to us to change our mindset.


Become What You Think You Can Be

Become What You Think You Can Be

Creating a legend

Many people think Freddie Mercury’s Live Aide performance of  Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best live performances of all time. Freddie Mercury is a legend, still adored by millions of people around the world, his face still instantly recognizable, but who is Farrokh Bulsara?


Farrokh Bulsara was a young boy of Parsi descent who grew up in Zanzibar and India before moving to Middlesex England in his teens. He was a shy kid with an overbite so big he used to cover his mouth with his hand when he smiled. He was the kid with a huge voice with and even bigger aspirations who would become Freddie Mercury.


With every step he took, with every decision he made, every song he wrote, Farrokh Bulsara created the Iconic superstar Freddie Mercury.


Today’s choices create tomorrow’s person

You don’t have to want to become a superstar to think about how you can become the person you want to be. And you don’t have to change your name or reinvent yourself in any way aside from your intention to strive. Although if you want to change your name or reinvent yourself, go ahead and do it. This is your life.


That’s the part many people forget when they are not turning themselves into the person they want to be. They think about what their family wants them to be, or their friends or co-workers. This causes them to hold themselves back, to doubt themselves. To ultimately put limits on their lives and thoughts.


Striving for a goal is better than not striving

It is true, not every person who has a dream is going to achieve it, but how would you rather spend your life? As a person who is doing everything they can to create the rhapsody they’re after? Or as a person who only thought about it, but never did anything?

Happy New Year

bring it on2


A New Year is upon us. A chance to reflect on what came before and determine what we will choose to do going forward. An opportunity look at everything in our lives with a renewed perspective. A fresh slate without a word yet written.


To all that potential, to all the opportunities and fresh starts, to the do overs and the do for the very first times, we say bring it on!


Bring on the challenges. Bring on the adventures. Bring on the triumphs and the failures.


2019 -Welcome! We can’t wait!