Solid Questions To Finish Your Job Interview

Solid Questions To Finish Your Job Interview

Your job interview is coming to an end. Everything has gone well so far. You did your research on the company. You answered their questions confidently, you were enthusiastic and you can already see yourself working there. Now they want to know your questions.


When they ask if you have any questions they are not just being polite and rounding off the interview, they are gauging how invested you are in the job. They are seeing how well you listened to the questions they asked you and how you integrated them into your perception of the job.


Even if all your questions about the company and the position have already been answered, you still don’t say “No,”. It makes you sound uninterested and unmotivated. The correct answer is always, “Yes.”  If you do come up with specific questions to ask during the interview that’s great, start with those.


But you can’t guarantee that will happen so it’s important to come prepared with questions to ask.


Demonstrate enthusiasm

“Where do you see the company in the next few years?”
“What do you enjoy most about working here?”

Show you are interested in a long term relationship

“Are there opportunities for training with the company?”

“What are the prospects for growth in this position?”

“What is the next step for someone successful in this position?”


Clarify their expectations

“How will my performance be measured?”

“What is the most important aspect of this job?”

“What are the short-term/long-term goals for this position?”


Find out what you can expect

“When do you expect to make a hiring decision?”

“What are the next steps in the interview process?”


There are all sorts of things you can ask, but there are also a few topics to avoid. Those include questions about salary, benefits, perks, and vacation time. Those types of questions send the message that you are more interested in what you’re going to get than what you’re going to give. The appropriate time for those is once you have an offer.



If you’d still like a few more options, check out this list of the 30 best questions to ask the interviewer from Balance Careers.

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