When It’s Time To Stop The Job Search

When It's Time To Stop The Job Search

When a job search goes on for too long it’s easy to get discouraged and stressed out. One of the most important things you can do during this time is to stop hunting.


We’re not actually saying to stop altogether. Rather spend some dedicated time every day doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with your job search. A full mental and physical break from it.


Mentally elsewhere

One of the best places to go when you want to get mentally elsewhere is – nowhere. Ten or fifteen minutes of meditation a day will do wonders to recharge your energy and motivation. Among other things, Research shows that meditation may reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, reduce anxiety, increase attention span, and enhance self-awareness.


A lot of benefits to be gained through doing essentially nothing! If doing nothing all on  your own isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse there are all kinds of amazing apps available to help guide you through the mental recharge like Calm and Headspace.


Give yourself reasons to be happy

Being out of work is not likely adding anything to the happiness factor in your life. It’s okay to feel down about your employment situation, but you need to ensure frustration and unhappiness aren’t the only emotions of your days. That’s why you need to carve out happy times every day. That might mean going for a walk outside past some beautiful tress or plants. Or reading a book by your favorite author. Maybe baking cookies is your thing.


You can’t just expect to bump into a happy time, you need to actually make space for it every day. Make a list of things that bring you joy and choose to do at least one a day. When you are engaged in that happy activity, be there fully. Don’t think about your job hunt at all. Enjoy the smell of cookies wafting through your home.


Remember the positives

Facts: You don’t have a job and you are having trouble finding one. When there’s a negative situation in our lives it’s easy to latch onto that and dwell. If you let it, your negative mood will overshadow the positives in your life That’s why it’s so important to remember the positives every day. What do you have? Do you have a loving partner? Your health? Did a neighbor shovel your drive after the last snowstorm? Choose a time every day to write down three things you are grateful for. Look at your list, breathe into it and fully embrace it. There are things to be thankful for every single day. Acknowledge them.


Your job search will eventually end whether you have a negative mindset during the process or a positive one. You get to choose.

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