Should You Work For A Large Company Or A Small One?

Should You Work For A Large Company Or A Small One?

Starting out in your career? Trying to decide if you should work for large company or a small one? Or maybe you’re in the process of switching jobs and you can’t decide which direction to take. There are pros and cons to both.

Team size

In a big company, you’re a small cog in a large machine. As be part of a large team you’ll be expected to do one thing every well. There will be a lot of people to get to know, and more of a cushion for your learning curve because others can cover your slack.

In a small company, you’ll be part of a much smaller team. You’ll probably expected to do 2 or 3 things very well, because there are just less people available to share the burden. The team environment is small, and more intimate. The work will, at first, likely be more of a challenge.

Compensation and benefits

A big pro of going with larger company is that they’re able to provide benefits packages for full time employees that smaller companies simply can’t afford.

In terms of pay, larger places can often afford higher salaries. But sometimes smaller ones have more competitive compensation because the money is shared between less pockets. So they can afford to pay everyone well.

Room for growth

The place where small companies really shine is their room for growth. In a large established place, your road to success is regimented and likely quite slow.

With an indie company, as the company grows, so do you. If you get in on the ground floor, your career can explode much faster than at an established place, but only if the company does.

Working for an indie company might be a little riskier but there is potential for big rewards as you grow with them.  It would might be safer to work in a larger, established location, but it would likely take longer to make your mark.


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