“To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence.” Arthur Schhopenhauer

"To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence." Arthur Schhopenhauer

Some projects are so difficult they make my brain hurt. There are hard deadlines that have to be met. Other people that need to be coordinated with. Details that can’t fall through the cracks. Lists. All dancing around the actual work itself. Dancing around all of that is the rest of life. Family, exercise (that I remind myself must be squeezed in) eating right.


The desert island of my imagination

When the going gets particularly difficult I imagine what it would be like to pick up and leave everything behind. I revel in the joys and peace of solitude on a desert island. However, since desert islands are out of my snack bracket I push through. And day after day things manage to get done.


The domino effect of accomplishment

As each part of the project falls into place, the next piece feels slightly more doable. Accomplishing leads to more accomplishing. Light begins to illuminate the way through the darkness of I’ll never get through this. The half way point is reached and inevitably the project is complete.


The delight of existence

The feeling of accomplishment of a completed project is better than the imagined joy of the desert island. It feels as great as the thought of everything involved in doing the project in the first place felt terrible.


That’s the thing about life. You cannot really understand light unless you understand dark. Happiness is far more tangible and strong when compared to sadness. The thrill of achievement is much stronger when set against the difficulties traveled through to get there. No one likes overcoming obstacles. Going through difficulties is stressful. We are not here to say difficulties are a good thing. What we are here to say is that there are benefits to going through them in terms of learning and growth. And that the taste of success is sweeter for the bitterness ingested along the way.

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