The Cultivation of a Champion

The Cultivation of a Champion

Joe Frazier was the undisputed heavyweight champion from 1970 – 1973. Was he a champion before that? Yes absolutely!


Aspiring to the ring even as a kid, Joe filled an old burlap sack with rags, leaves corncobs and moss and hung it from a tree. Then, he says, “For the next 6, 7 years, damn near every day I’d hit that heavybag for an hour at a time. I’d wrap my hands with a necktie of my Daddy’s, or a stocking of my Momma’s or sister’s, and get to it.”


A champion is created through actions and thoughts

Every hour he spent hitting that heavybag, Joe Frazier was a champion. He was a champion every single day that he got up at the crack of dawn to start working out. Every moment he dedicated to practicing in the ring. All the times he visualized his craft. The times he saw himself winning. Every positive word he said to himself was a championship word. All the encouraging thoughts that beat through the negative ones were championship thoughts.


Champion in the making

Each of us is a champion in the making. When we choose to get out of bed and embrace the day rather than giving in to the whispers from our pillows to stay just a little longer. All the times we get back up after falling more times than we care to remember. Every day that we strive to be a little better than the day before is a champion making day.


Some of us will be publicly recognized for all our work and our achievements. Acknowledged champions. What about the rest of us? If no one hangs a medal from our necks does that mean our efforts were less commendable? That we are not champions? Absolutely not! As wonderful as it is to have our efforts recognized publicly the most important recognition comes from within. When you’ve completed a project to the best of your ability, or achieved a milestone you’ve been working toward or overcome a difficult situation, recognize yourself for the champion that you are!


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