Sometimes Ships Are Too Long in Coming

Sometimes Ships Are Too Long in Coming

Look out over the horizon. See that ship coming in? The one carrying all your hopes and aspirations in the hold? The accolades for your work and the increase in your fortunes in the treasure chest?

So many ships crowding the seas

Yours isn’t the only ship out there. Your neighbor is standing beside you waiting for hers to come in. The one your sister expects to make landfall everyday has been a long time coming, but your cubicle mate got a hail from his last week. It should be coming ashore any day now.

Don’t waste time lamenting the good fortune of others

Days, weeks, months, sometimes years go by and you watch so many other ships come in while yours stays stubbornly out on the horizon. You’ve already done so much to curry favor with the winds but it just won’t budge.

Will it ever come in?

The sad fact is, some ships will simply never come to shore. Many people will spend their lives waiting and hoping. Others will abandon the wait and settle for whatever they’ve already achieved.

Then there are the ones who decide enough is enough. They strip off their day to day attire, slip into something appropriate for the water and swim out to meet their fortunes.

That means letting go of expectations for a certain outcome. It means trying again in a new way. Or starting anew from scratch.

Instead of focusing on things working out exactly as you wish, think instead about the outcome. What are you trying to ultimately achieve? Focus on different ways of getting there.

If you’re waiting for a raise and it’s simply not coming, then maybe it’s time to look for a different job. If you want someone to appreciate your poetry, put it online where people can see it.

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