The Secret To Success Is a Lot More Than Wishful Thinking

The Secret To Success Is a Lot More Than Wishful Thinking

You wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say, “I am going to be successful.” Well affirmations are all well and good, but saying you want to be successful without action to back it up, is about as helpful as saying you want to lose weight while simultaneously stuffing a donut into your mouth.


Specific goals

If you are not striving to accomplish something every single day then you’re probably just going to let the day determine what happens. You’ll get caught up with being mad about getting caught in traffic. You’ll get involved with the gossip floating around the office. You’ll let yourself get sucked into watching yet another episode on whatever’s streaming on Netflix. Without goals you are likely to end up going wherever the wind blows. However if you’re working towards a specific goal every single day then you are going to take charge of where you focus your attention and your energies.


Once you do achieve a goal don’t climb up to the nearest rooftop to start crowing about it. Create another goal. And write it down. Keep yourself accountable.


Strong people skills

You may be able to spend a day alone doing your own thing or even a few days, but eventually you’re going to have to come out of hiding and get into the groove with other people. Even novelists the most I need alone time! group of all, eventually have to come out and interact with their publisher and fans at large. Introverts and extroverts alike can develop people skills. The easiest way to start is to get good at asking people questions and giving them your full attention when they answer. People with strong people skills realize that everyone wants to be heard.



Stay enrolled in the school of life

Always keep your mind engaged. Whether that means learning new skills for your career, taking cooking classes an evening a week, or language courses online, it’s important to keep yourself challenged. Ideally you want to continually create a new and improved version of you.


A healthy body to go with your sharp mind

While you’re busy setting goals and learning new things and developing strong people skills you might inadvertently forget to take care of yourself, and that would be a mistake. You need a healthy body to carry that great mind of yours around in. You may not realize it but some of your greatest ideas will come to you when you are doing something entirely unrelated, like walking or riding a bike or running on a treadmill. Whenever you exercise your body you are also exercising your mind. Check out how Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills from Harvard Health Publications




Less thinking, more doing

We all love to make plans for our future and that’s great. Like we said earlier, having clear, specific goals are one of the cornerstones of our success. The problem comes when we start spending more time thinking about our goals or our future than actually doing anything to concrete to start achieving them. The longer you think about something without actually doing anything to back your thoughts up, the harder it is to get going. Procrastination leads to more procrastination. Doing leads to more doing. You need to learn to be your own referee.


Push yourself even when you don’t want to get go. Get out of bed no matter how cozy it is under the covers. Get up every time you fall down without wasting inordinate amounts of time lamenting over what wasn’t. Success is going to hear you loud and clear.

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