Outdated Career Advice, part 2

When listening to career advice it’s important to remember that the employment situation is constantly evolving and what was good advice in the past may not still be relevant. This is part two of our two part series on outdated career advice.


Starting The Year Off Right

Starting The Year Off Right


Are you totally happy with the way you did your job last year? Are there things you’d like to do better? When it comes to how we do our jobs, most of us have a few bad habits. Here are four things everyone faces in their daily lives that many of us can do better.

It’s not my job

We’ve all done it. When someone questions why something simple hasn’t been done, and we just stare back at them blankly and say, “It’s not my job.”

While it’s true that some things you may be asked to do are technically outside of your job description, if you see something that should have been done or that should be done, and it’s in your power to do it, then go ahead and take some initiative. You’ll look good in the eyes of the powers that be, and you can feel good for making things just that little bit smoother and better. Not everything you should do “is your job”.


There are many reasons people procrastinate. Because something seems boring, or difficult, or because the deadline isn’t within the next twelve seconds, but procrastinating will only extend the time of boredom or difficulty and it will make those final twelve seconds a nightmare.

Lighten your mental load. Give yourself timelines for projects that end well ahead of scheduled deadlines. Make procrastination a thing of the past.


If you’re one of those people that always run in at the last second, then it’s time to mend your ways. When you have to rush around to get yourself out the door you’re apt to forget something. You arrive at your destination slightly flustered and you look unprofessional.

Find ways to get yourself on time all the time. Set your alarm earlier, change your clocks so they are always ten minutes ahead. Decide to make being on time a priority.


We all run into negative situations or people in the course of our workdays. There is no avoiding that. What you can avoid is negative talk and negative thoughts.

Talking about how unhappy you are with things only fuels the flames of negativity and it doesn’t do anything to move the situation forward.

If you’re not happy then get to the bottom of the problem and take action to change the situation. Positive action will make you feel a whole lot better than negative words or thoughts ever will. And it will get help move you out of the negative situation altogether.


The Problem Is Not The Problem

The Problem Is Not The Problem


Problems get in the way of us doing things. They create stumbling blocks or insurmountable mountains. They make us feel like we can never get where we need to go.


It’s true if you wait for a problem to go away or hope it will go away or decide there’s nothing you can do about it and give up, then yes, the problem will definitely stop you from achieving your goal.


However, what if you decided to think of each problem as an opportunity. An opportunity to try a different approach. To talk to different people. To learn something new.


So often things that start out as problems turn out to be inspirations. They lead to things and situations that are better than our original plan.


Life and how you feel about it and what you get out of it are all a matter of perspective. When you run into a problem. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to get around it, search for the opportunity buried inside it. You might find buried treasure.


Looking For A Job Where You Can Grow?

Looking For A Job Where You Can Grow?

Never Stop Learning sign


Some people are just looking for a job where they can do their thing, go home and pursue other interests outside of work. Others are looking for something a little more challenging. Work where they can continue to learn and expand on their knowledge base.


If you’re into working for a company where you can grow, personally and professionally, check out 26 Companies Where You Never Stop Learning from The Muse.

What I Do Defines Me – Motivation Monday

What I Do Defines Me - Motivation Monday

What impresses you when you first meet someone? The car they drive? The Neighbourhood they live in? The clothes they wear? Those are the sorts of things that might grab your attention in the first few seconds, but after you’ve known someone for a while the exteriors matter less.

You start to pay more attention to what they do, how they treat others, their work ethic, their concern for the things they believe in.

Who are the people that impress you most? Are you impressed by what they have or what they do? Do you have a boss or a co-worker who always goes out of his or her way to help others? A neighbour who shovels the walk of the elderly couple across the way? A friend who drops by with a pot of soup when you’re sick? Those are the people we respect. The people we care about. The people we should strive to be.

When Commissioner Gordon shines the bat light in the sky he’s not doing it to summon a guy in a bat suit, he’s doing it to summon the person who he knows will help his city.

The outside stuff is cool, but ultimately, it’s transient. The things that make a lasting impression, the things that define us are the things we do.