The Kind of Day You Can Be Proud Of

The Kind of Day You Can Be Proud Of

With our jobs and commitments and expectations of things that simply have to get done, it’s easy to sometimes lose track of things outside of the must-dos of the day. But our lives aren’t supposed to be all about what we need to do and what we need to get. Just as important is what we can give. Giving makes us feel better about our days and about ourselves – and it doesn’t have to cost a thing.


Give your undivided attention

You might think you’re giving people your attention all day long. Every time someone speaks to you, you give them your attention, you think. Are you really giving them your attention though? Your 100% full attention? No thoughts about what you’re going to do later? No list building in your head or future projecting?


Most of the time when we’re speaking with others we are also carrying on another conversation with ourselves in our heads. Or glancing surreptitiously at our phones.


Be fully present in your interactions. It’s a gift to the person you’re talking to and yourself!


Give the future inhabitants of the planet a break

Do you stop by the coffee shop in the mornings or for a mid-day pick me up? How do you get that coffee to go? In a take away cup? Most of those cups aren’t recyclable. Nor are the lids. 16 billion coffee cups are thrown out each year.



Speaking of dumps, they’re also full of 486 billion plastic water bottles a year. A trillion single use plastic bags. If the numbers are overwhelming to us, imagine what they’ll be like to future generations that have to deal with them. Give the future a break. Bring your own coffee cup. Carry your own water bottle and reusable bags.


Give yourself some slack

Some days you’ll make mistakes. Say things you regret. Act in ways you wish you hadn’t – again. It’s easy to beat ourselves up over the things we did wrong. However, an ill-conceived moment shouldn’t ruin a day. Go ahead and reprimand yourself – then let it go. Give yourself a break. You are doing your best.

Taking Some of the Difficulty Out of Difficult People

Taking Some of the Difficulty Out of Difficult People

No matter what industry you’re in, even if you’ve been living on some remote island where everyone is uncannily easy to get along with, eventually a stow away is going to arrive on a boat dropping off supplies, and that stowaway is going to be one. A dreaded difficult person. And now they’re your co-worker.


What do you do when you work with someone who just gets right under your skin day in and day out? Do you imagine punching them in the nose right in front of the whole staff? That’s what the monkey part of your brain might want, but the more evolved, career driven part of your brain has other solutions.


Give them your respect

No matter how difficult the situation or the person don’t give in to the temptation of respond with like. Getting into the mud with them will only make you both dirty. If they are sending out negativity send back self-respect and dignity.

In truth, you don’t know what else is going on with them. Something rotten could be going on in some aspect of their life you don’t know about. Listen to what they have to say and focus on that rather than focusing on your next rebuttal.


Don’t tell them to calm down

Telling someone who is already upset to calm down and be quiet will generally have the opposite result. Ask them to explain the problem better so you have a better understanding of the underlying issues.


Don’t try and diffuse the situation with humor

A joke can often lighten a situation, but if a person is already off on a rant, they will take your attempts at diffusing the situation as evidence that you do not take what they’re saying seriously.


Don’t take it personally

Remember this is about them, not about you. Don’t get angry or try to convince them of anything. Let them have their say and do whatever you need to do in order to end the interaction. Whether that means putting a quick end to a conversation or finishing up a project, just get it over with. The longer you linger on the “augh I hate you” factor, the more you will get dragged into it and the more difficult it will all become. Learn to let it roll off your back like water on a duck.


Limit contact

If the job is ongoing and communication with them is constant, set limits on how much they are able to contact you.

Say something like, “Thanks for all the advice Barbara. Just so you know, I’m taking on some extra work so I’ll only be available from 1 – 3”.

There will always be difficult people in and out of your life. Make your interactions with them a whole lot smoother by creating strategies for dealing with them in advance.

Internships – A Great Way to Get Experience

Internships - A Great Way to Get Experience

Whether you’re looking for experience to fill out your resume, or you’re interested in learning more about a particular field or company, internships are an outstanding way to learn, make connections and grow as a person and a professional.


Check out these eleven awesome internship opportunities from The Muse.

Looking For A Job Where You Can Grow?

Looking For A Job Where You Can Grow?

Never Stop Learning sign


Some people are just looking for a job where they can do their thing, go home and pursue other interests outside of work. Others are looking for something a little more challenging. Work where they can continue to learn and expand on their knowledge base.


If you’re into working for a company where you can grow, personally and professionally, check out 26 Companies Where You Never Stop Learning from The Muse.

Life and Work Stressing You Out?

Life and Work Stressing You Out?


When life is stressing you out and you feel like you’re spinning out of control, you can turn to neuroscience  for some help.


We’ve all heard the saying,  music helps soothe the savage beast. It turns out the right music can also help soothe the stressed out soul.


This playlist from Inc will “Both stir your soul and clam your nervous system.”



Time To Relax


Time To Relax


All of us are always hearing that to get ahead we need to work harder. If we put in more effort we will finally achieve our goals. But did you know that there comes a point when all that hard work stops being helpful?  That the most helpful thing you can do is relax?


Check out this article about working less to work better from the Atlantic detailing why we all sometimes need to take a break.

Job Fact Friday: World Cup Jobs

This year’s 2014 World Cup has created over 700,000 permanent and temporary jobs in Brazil. Participants of the country’s Volunteer Programme has also given 18,000 citizens the opportunity to work and assist fans in busy areas during the tournament. These participants will be awarded certificates from the University of Brasilia so they have a chance to improve their resumes, work experience and personal growth.


Job Fact: Job Search = Full-time Job

“Searching for a job is like a full-time job.”

We’re sure you’ve heard this phrase at some point, especially if you’re on the job hunt. The fact of the matter is, that it is true. Studies show that in order to be employed, one must treat their job search as a full-time job.

Now you might ask: “How do you expect me to sit in front of the computer for eight hours from Monday to Friday and look for jobs?” Here’s a wake up call. Treating your job as a full-time job does not mean sitting at your desk firing away resumes everyday – that’s just a portion of it. Another chunk of your day should be spent either volunteering/interning, attending industry seminars/events, mingling with professionals and making connections.

Last year, 1054 companies were surveyed and 58% said that all of their hiring was internal. This was either through employee referrals or company portals. Either way, making strong relationships with the right people (especially people who are in a position of power) will make a difference in your career path.

Source: U.S. News

Wall Street Job Report – How to Get Your Resume Past Computer Screening

Credit: The Wall Street Job Report

Hundreds and thousands of resumes pour in for recruiters and hiring managers to look over everyday. To make their lives easier, computerized systems help them select potential candidates by scanning keywords and other information. This often is a disadvantage to job seekers because resume #312 can be easily lost in the pile. To get around this, the Wall Street Job Report has some tips on How to Get Your Resume Past Computer Screening Tactics.