You Will Find Success With A Focused Even Mindset

You Will Find Success With A Focused Even Mindset


John Wooden was the first basketball player to be named All-American three times. Motivated to share his love of the game and vision for success, he moved on to become one of the most beloved, respected coaches in the history of sports. As head basketball coach at the University of California in Los Angeles, Wooden won ten NCAA national championships over 12 years. (Including an incredible 7 in a row). He was named national coach of the year six times. Over his twenty nine year career, John Wooden’s vision for achieving success and his skills at motivating and inspiring others went way beyond the sports area creating renown in the fields of personal success and organizational leadership.

Success in one thing creates success in other things

John Wooden’s lessons about leadership start with, “Good values attract good people.” Next comes, “Love is the most powerful four letter word.” The reason John Wooden was so inspiring was because he didn’t just coach his teams and his players on basketball, he coached them on life. In the same way, if any of us want to achieve true success, we cannot solely focus on our careers. We need to focus on our lives and the lives of those around us. And what each of us can do to make the world better.

Emotion is your enemy

Wooden’s fourth leadership rule states, “Emotion is your enemy.” By focusing too much on either the good things that happen or the bad you will be carried away from your goal. Winning a game is great, but if you imagine you’ve reached your final goal you won’t put in the effort required to get to the championships.

Everyone loses sometimes, but if you get lost in pits of self pity and stop putting in the effort to improve you will never win. That’s why you don’t want to let the peaks get too high or the valleys too low.



Fail Again. Fail Better.

Fail Again. Fail Better.

You apply for that dream job and don’t get it. You send out the manuscript you think you’ve finally perfected only to get another rejection slip. You are passed over for that promotion. Again. Failure sucks. It feels horrible and sometimes it feels insurmountable.


Get up again

No matter how it feels, the only time failure is truly insurmountable is when you actually don’t get up again. Failure is always a chance to learn. To reassess your motivations, your qualifications and your approach.


Why did you fail?

Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself, bring a magnifying glass to your failure. We recently spoke with someone who failed to get a grant she was after because she didn’t have a letter of reference. She was able to contact the person handing out grants to determine exactly why she failed. If you have an opportunity, find out why you didn’t succeed and take steps to ensure you don’t fail in that way again.


Reassess yourself

Did you fail to get the dream job because the competition was more qualified? Because you don’t do well in interviews? In the process of building her event planning business a woman had her proposals turned down over and again. She realized she didn’t speak well publicly so she joined Toast Masters. Buoyed by the confidence she’d gained in public speaking, it long before her rejections switched over to acceptances.


Failure makes success sweeter

Each time you get up from failure, reassess and come at the situation with fresh eyes and a new approach, you build something stronger in yourself. You see how much better, more confident, more qualified you are now than you were before. If you fail again, you will be stronger again during your next attempt. Once you do achieve your goal – and with consistent effort you will achieve your goal, it will mean more to you than if you’d achieved it in the first place.


Remember, you don’t have to get to the finish line first. You simply have to get there.

Create A Roadmap To Your Destination By Starting At The End

Create A Roadmap To Your Destination By Starting At The End


We all know it’s impossible to reach a destination without a clear sense of where we’re going. Sometimes we know our destination, but  have no idea how to get there, so we end up stuck right where we are.


Short actionable steps


The best way to get the ball rolling to is break your goal down into short actionable steps. You want to run the marketing department of your company, but you are in an entry level position.  Sitting in your chair thinking about moving up will keep you in chair. Write down concrete steps you can take on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that will get you incrementally closer. Figure out the purpose of each action. Where it will get you? Whose attention it will capture?


Demonstrate your abilities, your dedication and your ambition and you will be invited into that comfortable office. 



Don’t float, steer!

The problem many people have is they float through life, just doing whatever comes up with no real direction. You may end up where you want to go that way, but who knows how long it will take. Or what kinds of eddies you’ll have to spin through on the way. Better to take control of the winds and use them to steer your vessel where you choose to go.


Write it down

Goals are the key. Clear, defined, and plausible. Know your endpoint, and know all the steps you need to take to get there. If you are confused go back and re-read your goal map. It will probably need revising along the way so don’t get waylaid by that. Adjust as necessary and press on.


Keep your goals top of mind you will keep yourself motivated. When your attitude wanes, remind yourself, “Right now it’s hard, but by staying the course I will navigate my way to that marketing director chair in the corner office.”

Command The Attention Of The World

Command The Attention Of The World


At the height of his career, George Washington Carver was a professor at Tuskegee Institute where he had gained fame and recognition for the soil rotation techniques he developed. His research helped poor farmers improve their diets and the yield of their crops. He met with three American Presidents; Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt and spent three weeks tutoring the Prince of Sweden. In 1916 he was one of but a handful of Americans to be made a member of the Royal Society of Arts in England. Impressive as all these accomplishments are, they become almost unfathomable when you realize that George Washington Carver was born a slave in the 1860s.


Change for the better is within the realm of everyone

Sometimes you might think people who rise to success have connections or were born in circumstances that made the rise easy, but the truth is, the possibility to actually change the world and make a difference in the lives of others is within the realm of every one of us. As George Washington Carver says, It’s about doing common things in life in an uncommon way. Through his life work he was able to command the attention of the world!


So if you know you have the ability to change the world in some way, what does that say about your ability to change the circumstances of your life?


Don’t settle for common

If most people you know are content to do the bare minimum to maintain their lifestyle, put in their eight hours a day during the week, party the weekend away, then that’s common.


If you want to walk along with the common pack that’s fine, but if you want better for yourself then you have to separate yourself from the common. Run ahead with your thoughts and your actions and your beliefs about what’s possible. The world will take notice.

Take the Initiative, Make A Difference

Take the Initiative, Make A Difference


If you are not a writer, you might wonder what writing a book has to do with your career. At first glance, maybe not much, but if you look a little closer you will see it has a lot to do with your initiative, and with getting ahead in your career and your life.


A question of initiative

If there’s a better way of doing something at work, should you wait for someone else to figure it out or should you go ahead and do something about it? It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to hope someone else will change things. However, hoping and complaining do not, in general have any effect on life’s outcomes.


Even if you feel like it isn’t your place to step in and make suggestions, go ahead and do it anyway. Best case scenario your efforts will help make a change that will benefit you and everyone else who has to deal with that situation. Worst case scenario, your efforts will be noticed and appreciated.


Improvements never happen by leaving things the way they are

Maybe it’s not a question of figuring out a way of doing something better. Maybe it’s a question of a complete overhaul. A brand new way of doing something. Or a brand new way of thinking about something. Less a question of building a mouse trap and more a question of realizing a mouse trap needed to be invented in the first place.


Obviously writing a book – or figuring out a new way of doing something is a big undertaking and complaining and wishing someone else would fix the problem are much easier. But remember effort and reward are usually proportional to each other. So the harder you have to work to get something done, the greater the reward in your accomplishments.

Only You Can Change Your Life

Only You Can Change Your Life

In fairy tales when the hero or heroine is down on their luck or the situation seems hopeless, a fairy godmother or some other form of chance or circumstance steps in and saves the day. Life however isn’t a fairy tale – it’s more of an adventure! Sometimes people do step in to help, but if you count on that you could end up stuck in the same place forever.  As much as we may hope for intervention from mystical realms the people that achieve success are the ones who make it happen.


Take charge

When Carol Burnett was in school it was her intention to take playwriting, but in order to do that she had to take some acting classes. Guess what she found out she excelled at? Carol Burnett found her passion and changed her outlook and life to peruse it.


No one is happy with their situation or circumstances all the time. Some people choose to complain, some people choose to believe things will never change and there’s nothing they can do about it. Other people choose to make changes.


Create lucky circumstances

Does it seem to you that some people are luckier than others? Maybe you should step back and have another look at what’s going on with those supposedly lucky people. You’ll probably find that they do a little more than others. They work a little harder, they’re a little more optimistic, they set out to meet people who can help them.


If you take two steps toward the changes and situations you want to see in your life you will often find the situations and circumstances you’re looking for will take a step toward you. Lucky breaks happen to people who have put themselves in the path of luck through their focus on the end result.


Don’t just think about changes you want in your life. Take a step toward them.

Character Makes The Man – Monday Motivation

Character Makes The Man - Monday Motivation

The boy Booker, was born into slavery. The man Booker T. Washington, was an advisor to two presidents of the United States of America. When Booker T. Washington says it is character, not circumstances that makes the man, the man is speaking from experience.


After the emancipation, Booker taught himself to read and began attending school. At that time he needed to come up with a last name (never knowing who his father was he didn’t have one). So he chose the name of Washington, his stepfather. On the way to becoming a man, the boy named himself.


Working in salt furnaces and coal mines to make money, Booker Washington made his way through post-secondary school. By the time he was 25 he was the first leader of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute – now Tuskegee University.


Positive that the best way to enable blacks to gain equal rights was to demonstrate, “industry, thrift, intelligence and property,” he helped raise funds to open up hundreds of schools for blacks.


On close terms with the Republican Party, both presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft often asked Booker’s political advice.


Belief in potential


A strong belief in potential, his own and the potential of his community made Booker T. Washington a man on a mission. According to Wikipedia, “He believed that by providing needed skills to society, African Americans would play their part, leading to acceptance by White Americas. He believed that blacks would eventually gain full participation in society by acting as responsible, reliable, American citizens.”


Character can be adapted


No matter what circumstances we were born into, or what our situation now, each of us has the ability to make positive changes within ourselves to enable us to work towards a better tomorrow. Circumstances may be out of our control. Character can be adapted.