Have A Chip On Your Shoulder? Good!

Have A Chip On Your Shoulder? Good!

Usually when we talk about a person with a chip on their shoulder we’re not saying it with any positive intentions. She has a chip on her shoulder because her colleague was promoted ahead of her so she doesn’t work as hard as she used to.


Use it to outwork everyone


Having a chip on your shoulder can certainly lead to a bad attitude, but a chip can also lead you in the exact opposite direction. Having a chip on your shoulder can make you want to outwork everyone else in your circle. It can light the fire your belly that makes you want to get up earlier, stay later, learn more.


Use it to drive yourself


Have a chip on your shoulder about the car your neighbour drives? Good use it to drive yourself to work harder.


Use it to upgrade yourself


Have a chip on your shoulder about the person you went to school with who takes three vacations a year?  Focus on that while you’re upgrading your skills to get you to from one point in your career to the next.


Have a chip on your shoulder about having to eat the same sandwich every day for lunch? With every bite of that sandwich chew on ways you can improve your situation  – and your meal plan!


Use it to prove them wrong


People with a chip on their shoulder often go from the worst person on the team to the best. They are on a mission to prove the people who didn’t believe in them wrong, and prove to themselves that they are as strong and as capable as they told themselves they could be.


People with the biggest chips on their shoulders transform into people who cause others to have chips on their shoulders!


Become What You Think You Can Be

Become What You Think You Can Be

Creating a legend

Many people think Freddie Mercury’s Live Aide performance of  Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best live performances of all time. Freddie Mercury is a legend, still adored by millions of people around the world, his face still instantly recognizable, but who is Farrokh Bulsara?


Farrokh Bulsara was a young boy of Parsi descent who grew up in Zanzibar and India before moving to Middlesex England in his teens. He was a shy kid with an overbite so big he used to cover his mouth with his hand when he smiled. He was the kid with a huge voice with and even bigger aspirations who would become Freddie Mercury.


With every step he took, with every decision he made, every song he wrote, Farrokh Bulsara created the Iconic superstar Freddie Mercury.


Today’s choices create tomorrow’s person

You don’t have to want to become a superstar to think about how you can become the person you want to be. And you don’t have to change your name or reinvent yourself in any way aside from your intention to strive. Although if you want to change your name or reinvent yourself, go ahead and do it. This is your life.


That’s the part many people forget when they are not turning themselves into the person they want to be. They think about what their family wants them to be, or their friends or co-workers. This causes them to hold themselves back, to doubt themselves. To ultimately put limits on their lives and thoughts.


Striving for a goal is better than not striving

It is true, not every person who has a dream is going to achieve it, but how would you rather spend your life? As a person who is doing everything they can to create the rhapsody they’re after? Or as a person who only thought about it, but never did anything?

Life is Not A Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Life is Not A Sprint, It's a Marathon

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who William Shatner is. James T. Kirk, captain of the Star Ship Enterprise. Star of T. J. Hooker and Boston Legal.  Musician, author, director and pitchman for priceline.com (among others).


Bigger than life

He’s also famous for being William Shatner, the nickname The Shat, a bigger than life personality who makes as much fun of himself as others do with the characters he’s portrayed over the years.


Fall from grace

With so much William Shatner always going around, it’s hard to believe he spent a significant amount of time living in the back of his truck. Not before he hit it big as Captain Kirk, but after!


After Star Trek was cancelled no one in charge of casting could manage to separate William Shatner from Captain Kirk. Roles dried up and The Shat lost his house. During that period he was so desperate he would take any roe that came his way including small party appearances in people’s homes.


The climb back up

Despite a lack of prospects, despite more nos than most people are prepared to tolerate, William Shatner persisted. He did the game shows, did guest appearances on a variety of shows and a string of commercials.


During those years Star Trek was gaining popularity all on its own through reruns and a new opportunity opened up in the form of conventions –  then captain’s chair on the big screen.


No longer type cast

Although Captain Kirk was back among the stars, hobnobbing with aliens and traveling through time, William Shatner was no longer stuck being typecast. On the contrary he was being  given all kinds of roles on TV and in the movies. He’s got a star on both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame.


Living in the back of his truck, job offers few and far between, it would have been easy for William Shatner to have given up, but he did not. No matter how hard it got he knew, he was made not for the short dash, but for the long run.


The Potential For Something Very Special

The Potential For Something Very Special


One of billions

Astronomers tell us there are billions of stars in our own galaxy alone. Mind boggling as that is, it gets even more boggling when you realize that every one of those stars mostly likely has a planetary system revolving around it. Potential for billions of opportunities for life, possibly intelligence right here in the Milky Way. Out here on this remote arm of the spiral, kind of far away from all the action in the middle of the galaxy it’s easy to feel un-special. An average being on an average planet, revolving around an average star.

One in a billion

At this point we don’t know what else is out there in the vast unknown potential. But we do know what we have here. A species of featherless, wingless bipeds that have mastered flying to the point that we have flown clear off our planet. Communications to the extent that we can check in with our associates, loved ones (and others) all the way around the world with not a wire between us. We’ve even mastered time travel – in a way. We can perceive light so old that it has been traveling since nearly the beginning of time.


We may be ordinary in that we are one of billions of planets, but we’ve also made strides that make us one in a billion planets extraordinary.



Raging potential

As individuals on this extraordinary planet it’s true none of us likely has much to do with space flight or time travel, but within each of us is the raging potential to do something special. You may choose to pursue that potential professionally, you may choose to pursue it in extracurricular activities. The key is to never lose sight of the fact that no matter how insignificant a planet or person may seem, they hold within them the potential for something very special.

Everybody Has The Potential To Be Great

Everybody Has The Potential To Be Great

Not every famous person is billboard famous

There are many potential ways to be famous. There’s fame where everyone knows who you are because you are a superstar singer or actor or athlete or scientist or inventor – spotlight famous.

There’s also famous within smaller spheres. Like being president of a company – making you famous to everyone that works in that location. Dial it down a little and you can make a case for people being famous all the way up or down the ladder within an organization.

You can also be famous within your family or school or on your team for accomplishments over time or a single outstanding moment.

Perfectly wonderful everyday people

There may be many potential opportunities to be famous in one capacity or another, yet the majority of us will not be more than another person in the crowd for the majority of our lives. And we are here to say that’s perfectly wonderful.

Not everyone will be or needs to be famous, or a head turner, or the talk of the town (or dinner table). A person’s worth has nothing to do with how famous or well-known they are. It has everything to do with what they bring to this experience we all share called life.

Purpose and service have nothing to do with fame

The people most deserving of our recognition and our esteem are those that realize no matter how far apart or how different we may all seem from each other, we are essentially one big family. Thus the most important thing we can do is help each other in whatever ways we can. That may be as small as helping someone standing confused at a bank machine terminal. It may be as regular as a weekly volunteer stint at a soup kitchen. It may be through the donation of time or money to causes close to our hearts.

The greatest people among us are not the most famous. They are the ones who share their hearts with others.

The Courage To Try Again Tomorrow

The Courage To Try Again Tomorrow

The courage to run into a burning building

When you see images of a firefighter running into a burning building to save the lives of people trapped in there your heart races with worry and fear. You can’t believe the courage this firefighter summons from the depths of their being every day of their lives.


Courage you see and courage you don’t

Some people have courage written into their job descriptions like firefighters, soldiers, emergency room doctors. However, not all acts of courage are that obvious at first glance.


The writer who has had a manuscript rejected several times, goes back into the work for more revisions then sends it off to another publisher. A person who has developed a fear of highway driving because of a car accident faces their worst fear when they venture onto the on ramp. A mediocre student who decides to put all their brain power into studying for LSATs despite words of discouragement on all sides are all examples of unseen courage.


All shapes and sizes

Some of the greatest acts of courage are the ones no one ever sees. When someone is working toward a goal and they encounter failure after failure and still manage to come back and try again, that is great courage.  Getting up when you’ve fallen, facing a co-worker who intimidates you, saying yes because it’s the right thing to do even when you would prefer to say no are all courageous acts of rebellion against the easy comforts of staying down, staying quiet, saying no.


Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be loud as a lion and it can be quiet as a mouse. Courage is the ability to fail and try again. To be afraid and step forward anyway.

Never Stop Learning To Live

Never Stop Learning To Live

The problem with comfortable

Do you ever feel like you’ve been going along on auto pilot for a while? Like you’re passing through life rather than living it? That starts to happen when we do the same thing day after day. We fall into patterns, get comfortable and without noticing, our life becomes more routine than anything else.



Years when you learned something new every day

When you were young learning was thrust upon you every day. As you worked towards your career goals you kept pushing into uncharted territories. And then you reached some of your goals and learning new things became less of a priority. Constant striving is exhausting. Everyone needs a break. The problem is when a break turns into a longer break. After an extended period of learning nothing new, the thought of doing it seems tiring. Then it seems daunting and then before you realize what’s happened, learning a new thing starts to feel impossible.


Exercise your learning muscle

When you’re in the learning groove, you’re used to the challenges. The stimulation, the triumph, the frustrations, the excitement of new information and ways of doing things are part of your everyday life. Even during the frustrating parts, learning new things is exhilarating.


Learning new things makes us feel like more than we are. Because we are actually adding to what we are. But when we haven’t done it for a while we forget how great and alive it makes us feel. And when we haven’t done it long enough we become too intimidated to even try. That’s why it’s so important to keep trying new things, to keep learning, no matter how daunted we may feel. “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”