New marketing firm looking for sharp individuals!

Recon Marketing in Rockford, IL wants YOU! Mike Ferro, owner of a new sales and marketing firm in the area that opened up a month ago, is currently hiring to grow his team of young professionals.

“The more people we can bring in, the more opportunity we have for growth in the company,” Ferro said.

When Ferro opened his office in late August, he only had one entry-level candidate working for him at the Roadshows. Since then, that same candidate has been promoted to a leader at the firm and five new entry-level employees have joined the team. Within the five, one is about to be promoted to a leader position soon. As a result, Recon Marketing is able to advertise and market more products for their clients and run Roadshows on a regular basis.

Because this firm is so new, there is a lot of room for new hires and possible promotion into leadership.  This may eventually lead to an opportunity to open up your own marketing firm in the future, which is what happened to Ferro.

“This is something I’ve been building up for and I had that goal [opening up his own office] for a little bit over a  year and a half,” Ferro said. “So it was really satisfying to see that goal take shape. It’s rewarding just to be able to run my own show and have the opportunity to be my own boss.”

If you are someone who is motivated and desire management opportunities, Recon Marketing would love to have you on their team!


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