Energizing Your Days

energizing your days

It would be great if all us could work at peak performance all the way through the day, but invariably we slump and feel tired. Maybe your slump is before lunch, or after lunch, maybe it hits you mid-afternoon. Instead of giving in to the fact that there are times during the day when we’re only able to just get by, there are ways to help compensate so you’re working with more equal amounts of energy throughout the day. Here are a few tips to help you energize your days.


Mirror your tasks with your energy levels

Most people are at their best mid-morning and mid afternoon so it’s a good idea to organize your to-do list around your energy levels. Save the most complicated, mentally draining tasks for the times when you’re best equipped to handle them. That way, instead of letting them drag you down and making you even more tired you’ll breeze through them.


Energizing through movement

You don’t have to start doing jumping jacks at your desk, (although that would be cool) but you should get up. Go for a walk around the office. Get outside and walk around the building, find some excuse to walk up and down the stairs for a few minutes. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just make a point of doing something, several times a day. Any type of physical movement will boost your energy and alertness.


Close your eyes

Don’t close them under your desk in the middle of a nap, close them as part of a quick meditation. Here are a few examples of mindfulness meditation exercises, a great way to restore your energy levels during the day.


Skip the extra hit of caffeine

Instead of actually providing more energy, what coffee does is mask the effects of low energy levels, so it’s best to avoid getting into the habit of using it as a go-to pick-me-up.


Don’t forget the importance of a good night’s sleep

You might think you’re functioning just fine on only a few hours sleep but studies have shown that being sleep deprived has the same impact on your brain as a couple of glasses of wine. Check out these 10 Things to Hate about Sleep Loss from WebMD. The best way to power through the day is to get more rest through the night!


Trouble Landing A Job?

trouble landing a job


You’ve been looking for a job for a while and nothing is working. You’ve created a great resume, you interview excellently, but for some reason nobody is calling you back. You shake your fist at the economy, blame the poor job market, and bitterly think about how good you could be if they just gave you a chance. You need experience to get a job, and a job to get experience, this whole system is broken and designed specifically to ruin you – you who could be so amazing if only the world weren’t so pitted against you – how is anyone expected to succeed like this?


Stop. Stop right there.


Yes, the system is broken – that’s just how it goes. But that is not an excuse to sit at home all day complaining about it. Successful people happen every day, all the time, and they deal with the same system you do. Generally speaking, they aren’t special. They’re not smarter than you, or better looking than you or born into better circumstances. The only thing separating you from the hundreds of people finding success right at this moment is the effort you put into what you do.


Give it All You Got

Yes, the job market is terrible. Successful people skirt that and make their own opportunities. Want to own a bakery? Start baking every single day. Learn to make the most delicious cupcakes on the face of this good green earth and give samples to your friends. Start selling them to their friends. Get a side job and save like a maniac with the goal of a bakery in mind. Be so good no one can ignore you. Be so good people line up outside just for a bite of one of your delicious pastries. Put hours and hours into perfecting what you do. If you want to be successful, you can’t half ass anything. Because there are 20 people who want the same thing as you do and they’re willing to put in the work.


Prepare Your Goals in Advance

Make a list every morning of three things you want to do that will inch you closer to your goal. Find people who are doing what you want to do, ask to buy them lunch, and pick their brain about every detail of their success. Find out what kind of person excels in the industry and become that person. Zero in on this one thing and make your life about it. Live and breathe it, research it to death, do as much as you can on your own so when you’re finally being considered for that job, you’ll have a lot to show them.


Look Professional

Pay attention to your appearance – in a perfect world it wouldn’t matter, but we don’t live in that world. People’s first impression of who you comes from how you look, so look like someone they’d want to hire. Maybe they’d love you if they got to know you, but that’s not good enough. Make them love you from the moment they see you until the moment you leave. Be charming and friendly and professional and show them you have initiative and the skills they want.


If all that sounds like too much effort then you have no right to complain about not having the job you want. If you press full speed ahead into your goals, they’ll get done. But if you’d like to lazily wander after them, then you will only experience mediocrity throughout your career path.

Stand Up For What You Choose

Stand Up For What You Choose


What do you choose to do with your life? Are you pursing a career in sales? In the medical profession? Marketing? Do you want to be working with your hands or do you prefer a behind the scenes job? What you choose doesn’t matter as much as feeling good about your choice.


No matter what it is we’ve chosen, not everyone is going to agree. For instance you might really love numbers and want to work as an accountant, while your mother, the lawyer, believes you could have a fantastic career in law. You know she’s right, you could also make a career for yourself as a lawyer, but it is not what you want to do. You don’t believe that in the long term that will bring you fulfillment.


When a teacher or a counsellor doesn’t agree with our choices, it’s easy to discount their opinion and keep working toward our ambitions. When it’s a parent or friend that disagrees with our decisions it’s harder to stay the course.


You should absolutely listen to the opinions of others and consider their viewpoints, but in the end you have to remember this is your life. To make the most of it, you should be happy with your choices. Sometimes that means standing up to friends and family and saying, No I choose something else.

What Are Soft Skills?

what are soft skills

Applying for jobs, writing your resume and acing an interview are all about presenting yourself well. You want to highlight the skills you have and how they match up with the job you’re applying for. Some of these skills are easy to assess. Are you familiar with Microsoft Office? How fast can you type? Do you have specific certifications etc. Other skills are less easy to qualify.

What are Soft Skills?

Skills like leadership, flexibility, and problem solving are all considered soft skills. Soft Skills generally refer to the personal skills one has that allows them to work effectively with others. Soft skills are about how good you are at interacting within a team and with others.

Are They Important?

For most employers, soft skills are just as important for the applicant to have as hard skills. While hard skills will prove you are able to do the specific tasks of the job well, soft skills will tell employers whether you can work with others and help their business grow. Soft skills speak more to who you are as a person rather than a worker, and while companies want good workers, they’re also looking for great people.

Showing Off Your Soft Skills

Soft skills can be a little harder to make clear. On your resume, in your cover letter and during an interview be prepared to share examples of how you displayed creative thinking, leadership and decision-making skills. Pay special attention to the soft skills that the company has put in their job listing and think of examples for each.

Improving Your Soft Skills

If you feel that your soft skills aren’t where they need to be to land you the job, there are a couple ways to improve them. Many soft skills simply need to be flexed and used to get a better handle on them. Seminars on leadership and teamwork can serve as a base to grow from. Volunteering in your spare time will also give you instances to use and grow your soft skills. You can also use stories from volunteering in your interview to demonstrate your ability.

Take time to grow your soft skills and find ways to share them through your cover letter, resume and interview.


Preparing for Your First Job Interview

Preparing for Your First Job Interview - The Job Window

If you’re about to head into your first interview, it can be pretty daunting. Preparing for an interview can be difficult, especially for beginners. Today we’ve got a heads up on what you can expect from a job interview, and some helpful ideas on the best way to prepare for it.


What to Expect

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. You’re most likely going to be meeting with one person, at their place of work to talk about getting a job. It’ll probably be you and the employer sitting down across from one another at their desk, or at a boardroom table.

On to the less obvious stuff. Your interviewer may ask to see your resume. Depending on how they do their hiring process, it’s never a guarantee they’ve seen it before. So always bring a copy of your resume with you. This is something beginners often forget. Bring your resume in something that prevents it from getting bent as well. If your interviewer asks to see your resume and you pull out a crumpled piece of paper, that’s all they’ll need to know about how much you want this position.


What Questions to Expect

Every interviewer is different and every interview will vary as far as the questions go, but when you’re preparing for an interview there are a few common ones you can expect. Your interviewer will probably ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself. This is so they can get a sense of who you are. Give a brief description of where you went to high school and college, talk about your interests and how they led you to this position.

You’ll also be asked about a specific time in your past where you demonstrated a key ability. Most often, the ability they will ask about comes right from the job posting. Make sure to think of specific examples from work or school where you overcame an obstacle, had to deal with a difficult team member or found success. They more you can relate these to the job your interviewing for, the better.


Another very common question that gets asked in interviews is where you see yourself in five years, or what your goals for the job are. Being ready with an answer to this question shows that you’ve thought about your future with the company.


How to Prepare for the Interview

Now that you know what to expect and what questions you might get, what else can you do to make sure you’re ready? Undergrad Success points out the number one thing you can do is learn about the company!


Demonstrating knowledge about the company shows you’re interested in not just the job, but this specific company as well. It can be as easy as checking out their website and following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Choosing Enthusiasm – Monday Motivation – The Job Window


When you were a kid maybe you wanted to be an astronaut or a mega superstar singing sensation, or an inventor – whatever it was, you were probably really excited about the idea of this amazing career you were going to have. The fabulous things you were going to do with your life, the thrill of everything that lay ahead of you.


Maybe some of you are still on the inventor path, but most are probably working toward something a little more commonplace. No matter what your career choice or the path you’ve chosen to follow, how do you feel about this life you’ve created for yourself?


Are you excited to get up everyday? Do you bring enthusiasm to what you’re doing?

Even if you are not exactly working toward the career of your dreams it is still important to find something to be enthusiastic about every day.


Maybe you like everything about what you’re doing, maybe half and maybe only a little. Maybe your enthusiasm resides in things you do outside of work, with friends for example, or a cause you volunteer with. Whatever it is that you like, focus on that. Make it your reason for jumping out of bed. By focusing on what brings you happiness, the things you don’t like feel less negative and the things you like even more positive.


Your attitude about your life is what will determine the life you are going to lead. Your position, your pay are not the ultimate determiners of your happiness. Your attitude is.


By choosing enthusiasm, by focusing on the bright moments – and there will invariably be bright moments, every day has the potential to lead you to infinity and beyond.