Interview Killers

interview killers


Dressing professionally, researching the company you’re interviewing with, preparing answers to tough questions in advance are all things that are going to set you in a good light with your interviewer. Here are things that will put you in the dark.


A ringing phone

Before the interview starts make sure you set your phone and other devices to silent. Nothing screams unprofessional and unprepared like a ringing phone or beeping device during an interview. The only thing you want to hear are questions and answers between you and your interviewer.


Complaining about past employers or companies

Even if you had the worst boss in the history of worst bosses in your last job, the interview is no place to discuss it. You can say the philosophy or environment was not in keeping with what you were looking for and leave it at that. Remember any negative thing you say will only reflect negatively on you.


Exaggerated or made up answers

If you don’t know the answer to a question say so. Make it clear that you are willing to follow up and learn more about the topic if necessary. Absolutely do not bend the truth or make up a story on the spot. Untruths or distorted truths always return to haunt you and the world is small enough that they will haunt you in places you don’t expect in the future.


Um, don’t um

We all fill our speech with ums, and you knows and obviouslies, but they are distracting, especially during an interview. Practice answering questions out loud before you ever step through the interviewer’s door. Be confident with yourself and your abilities and watch for those ums and stop them at the gate.


No follow-up

Whether you send a follow up message to the interviewer or not, you can be sure the majority of other candidates did. Remember to ask for an email where you can send a thank you note and then send it promptly. Mention specific things you discussed during the interview. Give them even more reasons to remember you and want too see you again.


Self Confidence Emerging From Self Doubt

Self Confidence Emerging From Self Doubt


Most people aren’t as self-confident as they seem

You may look at an accomplished, successful person and think they have all the self-confidence in the world. That that self-confidence created the steps of the ladder they climbed to the top of their accomplishments, but you’d probably be wrong. Up there at the top they may actually have the self-confidence you see, but they didn’t have it at the bottom or on the way up, and even all the way up there, they probably still have all kinds of self-doubts. We all have self-doubts. The key is working out how to overcome them or better yet, using them to fuel us in our move forward.


Our own thoughts build self doubt out of proportion

Self-doubt can be insidious because we sometimes don’t realize how much we’re taking what might have started off as a small degree of self-doubt and inflating it into a room sized version of itself through our own looping thoughts.


The key to getting off the loop is learning to notice when your thoughts have put themselves onto a track that’s getting wider and wider with each loop around. Each time you have a self-doubting thought it becomes a platform from which the next one can build.  After a while you may not even notice how negative those thoughts are because they are just your normal thoughts. That’s why it’s so important train yourself to catch yourself as soon as you start in with self-doubting thoughts. More than just recognize those thoughts, what you need to do is learn to revise the inner narrative.


Revise your inner narrative

By catching ourselves in self-doubting loops and revising our thought patterns we can actually build up a store of confidence creating thoughts. We sometimes forget how important it is to simply speak to ourselves with the kindness we would give to others. Remind yourself as you would remind someone else that you have the skills you need. That you have as much right as anyone else to success. That you are as worthy as the next person to give what you’re doing your full effort.


Doing new things is scary

Remember no matter how accomplished or successful someone is, they’re probably as scared as anyone else when it comes to doing something they haven’t done before. Confidence isn’t a shirt you’re born wearing. It’s a shirt you put on and button up one button at a time through experience and trial and error.


There’s a big difference between not doing something because you’re afraid of doing it and not doing something because you actually can’t do it. The more you encourage yourself to step beyond the self-doubt and try new things, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll realize the hardest part about doing something is allowing yourself the space and open mind to try.


By replacing negative self-talk with encouraging self talk, by treating ourselves with the kindness with which we treat others, and by being willing to push past our fears, our doubts can be replaced by the confidence of accomplishments.

Resume No-no’s

Resume No-no’s


We often talk about things you need to do on your resume. Equally important are the things you should do.


Never repeat

Even if you did some of the same tasks in a different job or different position, don’t simply copy and paste. Instead use different words, highlight what was different, how the outcome was different, how you approached the situation differently.


A mess of formats

Sometimes as we update resumes, add and subtract from them the formatting gets messed up. Fonts inadvertently change, sizes switch, different types of bullets show up. When you are editing your resume make sure you go over it and ensure it’s a uniform, professional looking document.


Don’t let spell check do all the work

If you think you can let spell check be your editor, you need to completely rethink your staff. Spell check will certainly catch a lot, but it will also automatically rewrite words it doesn’t recognize. Re-read your resume several times to ensure it says exactly what you want it to say, and then get other people to proof it for you again!


Don’t mistake a job title for a personal statement

You might want to become a marketing manager but so do a million other people. Instead of going with a job title, create a personal statement about your skills and ambitions and use that as the descriptor for the job you’re after.


Waste the real estate

You have so little space on the resume to capture the hiring manager’s attention while highlighting all of your interesting, captivating attributes. A resume is no place to list your particular like of Bengal cats or adult coloring. If you have space for extracurricular activities talk about things you’ve done to improve your professional status or volunteering activities that benefited others.

1,440 Opportunities To Make A Positive Impact

1,440 Opportunities To Make A Positive Impact

We all know there are 24 hours in a day. We don’t even have to stop to think about it, but rarely do we think about the minutes. There are 1,440 of them in each day.

A minute may not seem like a lot of time to get things done, but remember that minute that you take out to check something on Facebook as often as not turns into five or ten or thirty minutes of idle cat picture scrolling.

Those extra minutes you decide to stay in bed in the morning, the minutes you spend thinking about doing something rather than doing it, the minutes of staring at the clock or waiting, or playing some mindless game on your phone all add up to the hours of your day.

When the end of each day rolls around and you wonder where the hours have gone, remember they’ve been absorbed by a minute here, and a minute there.

If you want to get things done, if you want to make an impact, give each precious minute the consideration it deserves. By preserving the minutes you are literally giving yourself more hours in the day. More hours to make a positive impact and get things done.

Les Brown has these words for you: It’s Possible.

Would Being An Entrepreneur Make You Happy?

Would Being An Entrepreneur Make You Happy?

In the article, How Happy Do Weekends Actually Make Us?  Bloomberg Business reports on a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research that found people who are happy at work, are just as happy during the week as they are on the weekends.


Imagine that. Experiencing equal measures of pleasure every day of the week instead of Monday Blues stretching out to Thank God it’s Friday, Fridays – followed by two days of trying to cram in as much fun as possible to break up the weekly drudgery.


People who genuinely like the people they work with and their work environment get as much pleasure from their weekdays as they do from their weekends. It makes sense. They look forward to interacting with people who inspire them, they thrive on the challenges of the day, they feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from what they’re doing.


Running your own business might be the key to everyday happiness


For many, that seven day a week happiness comes from being an entrepreneur. In the article The Connection Between Entrepreneurship and Happiness from Inc, AJ Agrawal says the fulfillment entrepreneurs feel comes from relationships they’re able to forge and the opportunity for self growth.


The motivation to succeed isn’t coming from an external source it’s coming from within. The people entrepreneurs are working and interacting with everyday are the ones they’ve chosen to work with. People they look forward to developing strong ties with, who they trust, who inspire them.


“Working in the trenches with people you trust creates happiness. The constant obstacles you overcome and learn from create flow. And the journey of creating a company with people who look out for one another is what gives us happiness as entrepreneurs.”


Quoting a study by University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, the article, Rich or Not Entrepreneurs Are Happiest in Study, reports ,“Grads running their own businesses ranked themselves happier than all other professions, regardless of how much money they made.”


If work happiness is a by-product of environment and the people we spend our time with, then it makes sense that entrepreneurs would find personal satisfaction from what they’re doing. They’re the ones creating that environment. They’re the ones dictating who they’re working with. If there’s a particular situation or person they’re not happy with, entrepreneurs more than people who work for someone else have the opportunity to change it. Weekend or weekday, for many entrepreneurs, either one is equally satisfying.

Make Everyday Run Smoother

Make Everyday Run Smoother


Do you ever notice that some days simply run more smoothly than others? There’s less stress, doors seem to almost open by themselves, people seem a little nicer, more interested in you and more interesting. Do you know there are small tweaks you can use in your everyday interactions that will increase your chances of having one of those smooth days?


Throw a few of these (or all of them) into your daily mix and see if they make a difference in the silky smoothness of your day!


Use people’s names right away

As soon as you meet someone start using their name, they will immediately start feeling an affinity for you.


Ask Questions

Not only will it save you tons of trial and error or online research time, asking questions is also good for relationship building. People like to be helpful. If they feel like their answers are helping you, they’ll like you for giving them the opportunity to help.


Learn by teaching

Once you’ve learned to do something new a great way to solidify what you’ve learned and to see how good you are, is to teach it to someone else. Your student will be a mirror of their teacher.


Be flexible

We don’t mean yoga flexible, we mean don’t always push for your own preferences. Give others’ ideas a full listen, accommodate yourself to the situation instead of pushing to have things exactly how you were expecting.

Getting people to agree to do something for you 1

There are a couple of things you can try here at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is to ask them to do something simple first, getting them into the flow of doing something for you.


Getting people to agree to do something for you 2

The other is to ask them to do something completely unreasonable, then when they say no, or balk at that, ask for what you really want.


Take a genuine interest in others

If you want to gain someone’s attention, one of the best things you can do is ask them about themselves. Keep the conversation going by asking more questions. They’ll like the fact that you care about them and it will set the foundation for future interactions.


Use stress for courage

Some of the symptoms of stress and courage, like increased breathing rate and increased heart rate are the same. So if you’re feeling stressed out, turn it around and tell yourself your body is getting ready to do something courageous.


Pay attention to body language

Want people to like you just a tiny bit more when they meet you? Look a little longer into their eyes. That extra second of looking into their eyes helps them open up to you a little bit more. Avoid unconscious I’m bored signals like crossing your arms or tapping your feet. Speaking of feet, when you’re talking to someone, take a quick look down at their feet. If the person is facing you, but their feet are pointed in the other direction, that’s the direction they want to go.


Waiting for an answer

Sometimes when you ask a question you only get a partial answer. Instead of walking away or pushing for more, just wait. If you keep eye contact, without saying anything more, a lot of the time people will keep on talking.


Keep up your energy and enthusiasm

Energy and enthusiasm are contagious. When talking to someone notice where your energy levels are and if they’re low, revv them up.


Assume everyone already likes you

Want to feel more confident? When you walk into a room or meet someone for the first time, assume they already like you. They’re likely to assume it right back.