Use Yourself as Your Benchmark for Success

Use Yourself as Your Benchmark for Success

Sometimes I look at the people I admire and think about how much I’d like to be like them or if possible – better than them? What would that be like?  To have even more success than the people I aspire to emulate. Other times I think about people who I’d really actually like to better. The ones whose success I resent because I’m pretty sure I’m more competent than they are.


Wasted energy

Aspiring to be like the people who inspire us is a good starting point as we set out on our quest for success. Setting ourselves into competition against those whose talents we believe we surpass can certainly fuel us forward. The problems start to show up when those other people we are working to emulate or beat take up too much of our mental space.


The time you spend thinking about other people and dwelling on what they did/are doing/will do is time you could have spent thinking about what you should be doing. Why waste energy thinking about someone else when you could be using that valuable commodity (your mental energy) thinking about yourself?


Make your future self the person you aspire to become

Imagine yourself already having achieved everything you aspire to. Future you has all the qualities you envision for current you. Current you is the person you want to better, the one you want to beat on your way to reaching future you.


By casting yourself as the hero of your story AND the person you are competing against, the person you end up focusing all your energies on is YOU. You are constantly thinking about ways to better yourself to reach tomorrow you. About ways to get to your destination faster than yesterday you.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to better yourself every day, on the way to becoming your best self.

Motivation Monday: Be positive!

Just like the quote above, stay positive and patient during your job search. It’s a tough market out there right now and there is more competition. But that shouldn’t get your hopes up. If you think positively, good things will happen. Don’t worry, that job will come. And when it does, you will appreciate it even more due to the time, effort and patience you put into it!

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