Don’t Be Intimidated By The Success of Others

Don’t Be Intimidated By The Success of Others

Once you’ve decided on the career of your dreams you will probably look to others that came before for inspiration. If you are a writer you will read as much as you can. You’ll concentrate on everything by your favorites; Charles Dickens and JK Rowlings. If you are an entrepreneur you will want to learn everything there is to know about Richard Branson and Elon Musk. If architecture is your thing you my look to Frank Lloyd Wright for inspiration.


When inspiration turns to desperation

Immersing yourself in the works and incredible career trajectories of your professional heroes is a great way to get inspired. Unless the search for inspiration leads instead to the brick wall of existential crisis. How can I ever create anything that could compare with the perfect harmony of a Frank Lloyd Wright? you might lament. How could I possibly have thought I had a shot at this? Trying is a waste of time.


Recognize your individual worth

It is true, you will never be Frank Lloyd Wright or JK Rowlings or Richard Branson. They are all already taken. But they too cannot by you. You have perspectives and ideas that no one else has and there is great value in that.


There are valuable contributions only you can make

You chose this field, or as is often the case, the field chose you. You don’t need to be someone else to make a strong, valid contribution. The only person you need to be is you. Putting others in the field aside, what inspired you to want to pursue this endeavor? When you feel intimidated by the success of others, bring yourself back to your starting point. Get re-inspired by you.


Take a step everyday toward your goal. Remember, ultimately the only person you ever have to measure up against is yourself. Along the way never know who your work will touch.


Finding More Happiness At Work

Finding More Happiness At Work

Whether you love your job or not, there’s always room to improve your day while at work. Most people don’t think of work as a specifically happy place, but there are a number of things you can add to your work day to make it a little brighter.

Add Plants!

Adding some plants is a great place to start. This article in The Guardian suggests that even just a few house plants can make people more productive and happier. The article also found that plants in the office improved people’s memory retention. You’ll be happier and smarter!

Add Decorations

Depending on your work’s policies, you should make your office space yours as much as possible. Pictures of family or friends, personal effects and other items that make your space ‘yours’ will help you feel more comfortable in your space and make you feel more relaxed as well.

Help Someone Else

Helping others around you, especially in your work place can also make you feel better and lead you to have a happier day. Not only do you get to bask in the glow of your good deed, but there is usually a cycle to helping others, where they in turn will help you from time to time. This usually lessens stress and make you feel part of the team and valued.


You may have heard this before, but smiling makes you happier. It’s true! When you smile, it releases things called neuropepides, which makes your brain assume you’re happy. So if you’re feeling down trying forcing your self to smile and all of a sudden you may find your feeling better. Kitten videos may also help.

Avoid Negativity

When things aren’t going great at work, or there’s one person who is really bothering you it can be easy to focus on negative things. This tends to have a spiral effect and before you know it, you’re feeling pretty negative about everything that is happening in your day. Avoid the negativity and try to find the positive in everything you can!

It’s Your Life. Go Ahead And Create It

It's Your Life. Go Ahead And Create It

An inauspicious start

You are the second child born to an unmarried laundrywoman in 1883. Your father is a street peddler who makes his living selling his wares from town to town. He has to be bribed by your mother’s family to marry her. When you are twelve years old your mother dies of tuberculosis. Your father hires your two brothers out as farm laborers. You and your two sisters are sent to a home for abandoned and orphaned girls. While there you learn to sew.

A story revised

Eventually you go on to establish one of the most iconic fashion houses of the twentieth century. When you describe your early childhood, your story is filled with glamour and drama. At your mother’s death (when you were much younger than twelve), your father sailed off to America to make his fortune and you were sent to live with your aunts. You embellish and create a history fit for the fashion icon you have become. By then your given name, Gabrielle has changed to Coco and according to a review in Harper’s Bazaar, “The woman who hasn’t at least one Chanel is hopelessly out of fashion.”


Coco Chanel may have fabricated the history of her life but her achievements were entirely real. The only fashion designer to make TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century Chanel hasn’t been out of fashion for over a hundred years.


Your book of life

Each of us starts our life on the first page of an essentially blank book. We don’t have much control over the early chapters, but there comes a point where authorship of our story is handed over to us. We are not encouraging anyone to re-write the early chapters the way Chanel did, but we are endorsing bold, creative story lines full of adventure and daring.

A Gift Not Given

A Gift Not Given

Someone has made a huge impact on your life. You are so grateful for their help and their advice. You decide to thank them with the perfect gift. Imagining how happy they’ll be when they receive it, you wrap it up with a beautiful bow. Then you put the perfect gift on the top shelf of your closet until such a time when you will deliver it. Time passes and the gift languishes unopened and unknown. You forget all about it until you clean out the closet years later and wonder why you never gave it.


The gift of words

You can certainly show your gratitude with a gift, but remember a gift is only icing on the cake. The best way to let someone know how much they mean to you or how much their actions impacted you is to tell them. The person who helped you probably didn’t do it with expectations of any kind. Hearing about how they impacted you is the icing on their cake.


Gratitude is the gift that keeps giving 

How do you feel when you are able to help someone? Probably pretty great. People helped you in the past, so when the opportunity to do the same for someone else comes up the repercussions flow two ways. Not only are you benefiting someone in the present, you are also acknowledging the help you received in the past. Gratitude is like a perpetual motion machine, the gift that keeps giving.


Acknowledgements big and small

Remember, gratitude isn’t only about the big things. It’s about all the little things that happen every day. Notice all the lovely things people do for you (for each other) all day long. You see someone give up their seat on the bus for the tired looking person beside you. You feel grateful there are such people in the world. Instead of keeping that thought in the top shelf of the closet of your head, go ahead and say something. Hey that was a really nice thing to do. You have just contributed to the happiness quotient of the world. Well done.

Let The Air Out of The Failure Balloon

Let The Air Out of The Failure Balloon

When optimism gets beaten down

Freshly graduated from college, most people set forth with anticipation in their shoes and optimism in their hearts.  A month or two goes by and the only thing they’ve found on their trails is a string of unsuccessful job applications. As anticipation wears away day after day, the fear of failure creeps forward to try and steal optimism’s place.



What is the fear of failure about?

Not yet achieving what you want and never achieving it are two completely different things. So different they might as well be on two different planets. Nobody gets it together right away. Everybody has a period of unemployment and that fear of failure is existential dread getting fat by feeding on itself.


What is failure?

Failure is the lack of an attempt. That’s all it is. And the very fact that you’ve been rejected by anything means you tried. And it means you learned. You’ve only ever really failed if you learned nothing and didn’t change up your tactics in response. Every job rejection isn’t simply a rejection, it’s just a lesson on how to improve. So improve!

Just another no

This advice works just as well for dating as it does for careers: the worst anyone can say is no.


“No” doesn’t mean “you are destined for dismal failure and life as a disappointment to your parents.” “No” just means “not right now, not here.” That’s all. You can apply again later. You can apply somewhere else.
Maybe you got beaten out by someone more prepared and experienced, maybe you weren’t a right company fit, maybe the other candidate had more experience. The point is, “no” is just a word. Don’t worry about it. “yes” is another word, which you’ve got a 50% shot at every single time you give it a shot. So just keep shooting!


What is the future?

The future is everything from right now until you die. Every second, every minute, every day, all contained in that word. When existential dread leads you to say things like “I have no future” stop and think how ridiculous that is.


One job rejection when you’re 22 has nothing to do with the vast majority of that winding, twisting path ahead of you we call “the future.”


The only thing that can put a roadblock in front of that future and cause delays and setbacks is you if you’re not doing your very best RIGHT NOW. And Right now is all you’ve got control over. So go ahead and control it.

It’s Hard To Beat Persistence

It's Hard To Beat Persistence

The tortoise and the hare

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. Faster, more nimble, cockier than the tortoise, the hare is the odds-on favorite to win the race. And yet through dogged determination and steadfast persistence, the tortoise crosses the finish line first.

We are certainly not here to tell you to take forever to prepare yourself to meet your goals. Or that by driving in the slow lane you will reach your destination before someone in the fast lane. What we are saying is that consistent effort, even in the face of difficult circumstances will pull you through whatever obstacles life puts in your way.

Persistence pays off

What does the ability to keep coming back despite failure or setbacks say about a person? It says that person is confident enough in their abilities or their potential to not give up. That the person is willing to go back and learn what needs to be learned to succeed.

Imagine yourself in a race. If you keep moving forward and don’t opt out because of sore feet, or get lost on some alternate route, or listen to your friends who say it’s better to spend the race in a pub, you will eventually cross the finish line.

Beat your negative attitudes and limiting thoughts

This isn’t about the underdog winning against all odds. It isn’t actually even a race against anyone else. This is a single person, racing against their own inclinations to give up. The most important person any of us really has to ultimately beat is ourselves and our own negative attitudes and limiting thoughts. If you can get past those and motivate yourself to continue, you will do what it takes to move forward. As long as you’re moving forward you are getting closer to the finish line. Eventually you will get there.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Being A Person of Value

The Far-Reaching Impact of Being A Person of Value

Who are the people you consider most successful? Our list of the super successful includes Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey. All of these people created enormous success not only for themselves but also for countless others in their immediate professional sphere. But that’s not all, through their actions and words and example they also made a difference in the world at large. Each of them is a person of value.


Don’t just make money make a difference

Elon Musk wants to help make the world a better place with electric vehicles. He wants to help humanity become a multi-planetary species.


As well as revolutionizing the home computing business, Bill Gates spends huge portions of his wealth on philanthropic projects.


Along with Mickey and every movie you loved as a kid and still love as an adult, Walt Disney is famous for saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  He and his creations have been the inspiration for countless dreams.


The focus of John Lennon’s music was always people and possibilities. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”


Oprah Winfrey rose to success because of the strength of her personal, heart to heart interviews.. Rising from poverty to success, she has been ranked the greatest black philanthropist in America.


Drops in the ocean of humanity

To be clear, we did not choose these people, because of their contributions to society, but to illustrate the point, we are, all of us related. Individual drops in the ocean of humanity. When we strive to improve things, not just for ourselves but for others, we also end up improving things for ourselves along the way. Much more so than had we only concentrated on ourselves all along.


You don’t have to change the world, just your particular corner of it

Most of us don’t have the ability to impact the whole world. But each of us can absolutely help those in our immediate vicinity.  By striving to become a person of value, we also in the process, become a person of success.