Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

No one wants to fail. Sometimes it feel like failure is the worst thing in the world. And maybe it is for that moment. But from rock bottom the only place to go is up. This week we share how rising up from devastating failure helped J.K. Rowling become one of the most successful writers of her generation.


5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Go-Getter

5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Go-Getter

Do you consider yourself a go-getter? Do you have drive, passion and motivation about your job or are you one of the many who go to work and then go home? Actions speak louder than words. It’s one thing to say that you want to be successful but it’s another to actually act on it. If you are a go-getter, you know the trials, tribulations and failures that go along with achieving your goals. Here’s five tips on how switch from a go-hoper a go-getter:

1) Accept failure & move forward

Know that there will be bumps along the way and handle it with grace. Nothing comes easy and if you have your eye on the prize, forget the bumps and move on!

2) Never give up

Like we just mentioned, even if one thing doesn’t work out, something else will. Focus on the things that do work which will get you closer to the finish line.

3) Always be positive

Dwelling on the negatives will only set you back. Tell yourself that you can achieve it. Good things happen to positive people!

4) Be aggressive (in a professional way)

Everyone is capable of doing anything. But there’s a difference between the people who go after what they want and the ones who just sit there and don’t bother. Try to network and do things outside the box – don’t be shy. It’ll be worth it in the end.

5) Do something everyday

Set small goals and do something that will lead you to your long-term goal. Do something productive everyday to keep your mind active.

Work Hard and Meet Your Responsibilities

Work Hard and Meet Your Responsibilities


Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States. Before that he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. In between those (among other things) he was a civil rights attorney and professor. Obama is a man who has made a career out of working for the good of others, while at the same time elevating himself to the most highly regarded job in the land.


Obama didn’t realize the heights of success he achieved because of the people he knew. Doors were not automatically opened for him when he stepped in front of them. He decided what he wanted to do with his life and then he set to work. He first grabbed everyone’s attention by running for and winning the US senate in 2004. Five years later he was ready for the job he’d been preparing for his whole life. He ran for the presidency and won by a landslide.


Whether you’ve got your sights set on the presidency, a promotion, or your very first job, the advice is the same. Work hard, meet your responsibilities and you will get ahead – no matter what you look like or who you love.

Chances Taken Today Lead to Less Regrets Tomorrow

Chances Taken Today Lead to Less Regrets Tomorrow


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” -Mark Twain


What’s your biggest regret? It’s a pretty common question among friends who are thinking about the past. We’ve all asked it and been asked it many times. Oftentimes you’ll hear people say they don’t have regrets because everything they’ve done up to that point has made them who they are today. However that may not always be the case. The quote above from Mark Twain quote points out why.


Just because you’re happy with who you are, that doesn’t mean you might not still wish you’d done things differently in the past.  When you make an inventory of things you did and didn’t do, Mark Twain suggests that you’re going to be thinking of things you wish you’d done, rather than regretting the things you did.


Avoiding Regrets

So how do you get to a point where you can answer that question, about your biggest regret, by honestly stating you have none? Go out there and do things. Don’t look for reasons why not, or listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Take chances and try new things.


Often when we think of regrets, we think about trips not taken, or opportunities missed because of the cost. Don’t forget to consider Mark Twain’s words in your daily job search as well. Try not to worry about your application being rejected, and apply for your dream jobs.


Cold call companies you want to work for and see if they’re hiring.


The fear of failure can stop you from trying new things. But in twenty years, when you look back on your life, it’ll be the things that you didn’t do that will end up being your answer when your friend asks you what your biggest regret is.

Choosing Courage – Motivation Monday

Choosing Courage - Motivational Monday


Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne so long, most people don’t remember a time when she wasn’t queen of the United Kingdom. In February 2018, it will be sixty-six years since her coronation. But sixty-six years isn’t the extent of her public service. Prior to becoming Queen, Elizabeth was heir presumptive. In that capacity she was already undertaking public duties during the Second World War.


During Elizabeth’s reign, the world has seen unimaginable triumph, like a probe from earth landing on an asteroid flying through space, then sending information back home. It’s also seen unbelievable devastation resulting from destruction both natural and human-made.


The majority of us only have our own lives and those of our families to reign over. From that limited perspective, we also face difficulties and triumphs. It’s easy to accept triumph, but what do we do when courage is called for? What we do when things are difficult is what defines us and our futures. We are not only courageous in life and death situations. It takes courage to keep trying in the face of adversity. To get up again after falling down. To say yes when everyone around you is saying no.


When you feel like the winds pushing against you are too strong and you’d rather just give up and simply let your goals blow over you, remember, from the perspective of one who’s seen everything, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat. Rather, they push against that defeat with even more determination.


The Problem Is Not The Problem

The Problem Is Not The Problem


Problems get in the way of us doing things. They create stumbling blocks or insurmountable mountains. They make us feel like we can never get where we need to go.


It’s true if you wait for a problem to go away or hope it will go away or decide there’s nothing you can do about it and give up, then yes, the problem will definitely stop you from achieving your goal.


However, what if you decided to think of each problem as an opportunity. An opportunity to try a different approach. To talk to different people. To learn something new.


So often things that start out as problems turn out to be inspirations. They lead to things and situations that are better than our original plan.


Life and how you feel about it and what you get out of it are all a matter of perspective. When you run into a problem. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to get around it, search for the opportunity buried inside it. You might find buried treasure.


Rising Glory

Rising Glory


Fall down

Sometimes you put everything you’ve got into a project or a task or a test or a relationship and you’re successful and all that effort pays off.  Other times you put in equal amounts of effort only to lose out on that job or that relationship or whatever it was you were so intent on acieving. Sometimes it feels like life just isn’t fair and you know what – it’s true.  Life isn’t fair.


Life doesn’t bend its will according to effort or the good intentions of the people living it. Sometimes, a lot of the time there’s someone else more qualified or with better connections or who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to grab away that thing you were trying so hard to get.


You can throw your hands up in the air, say life isn’t fair and walk away or you can realize there’s a competition out there for everything and if we want anything badly enough we’re going to have to throw ourselves into that competition. And sometime’s we’ll win and more often we won’t.


Get up

But that’s okay because if we’re intent on not walking away, every loss brings us closer to another opportunity to try again. To try with new insights, new perspectives, alternatives, variations, renewed determination. Wanting something isn’t enough, working really hard isn’t always enough. Life isn’t fair, but the only way you’re going to find out what you can get out of it is by coming back and trying again.


As Confucius says, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”