Job Fact Friday: World Cup Jobs

This year’s 2014 World Cup has created over 700,000 permanent and temporary jobs in Brazil. Participants of the country’s Volunteer Programme has also given 18,000 citizens the opportunity to work and assist fans in busy areas during the tournament. These participants will be awarded certificates from the University of Brasilia so they have a chance to improve their resumes, work experience and personal growth.


Job Fact: Job Search = Full-time Job

“Searching for a job is like a full-time job.”

We’re sure you’ve heard this phrase at some point, especially if you’re on the job hunt. The fact of the matter is, that it is true. Studies show that in order to be employed, one must treat their job search as a full-time job.

Now you might ask: “How do you expect me to sit in front of the computer for eight hours from Monday to Friday and look for jobs?” Here’s a wake up call. Treating your job as a full-time job does not mean sitting at your desk firing away resumes everyday – that’s just a portion of it. Another chunk of your day should be spent either volunteering/interning, attending industry seminars/events, mingling with professionals and making connections.

Last year, 1054 companies were surveyed and 58% said that all of their hiring was internal. This was either through employee referrals or company portals. Either way, making strong relationships with the right people (especially people who are in a position of power) will make a difference in your career path.

Source: U.S. News

Job Fact Friday: Age is Not Just a Number

According to a Bullhorn survey, your age matters when it comes to being considered for a job.
Seventy per cent of recruiters say they prefer to place 30-year-olds into new jobs. They also said there is a demand for people in their 40s than job seekers in their 20s.
However, don’t let this discourage you. There are just as many companies who are looking to hire young, bright individuals like you. Employers want young employees because they have a fresh mind filled with creative ideas!

Job Fact Friday: Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the new job search tool. Generation Y has made social media such a large part of their lives that companies are picking up this trend and posting jobs on social media websites. Common ones include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. So the next time you’re browsing online, make sure you don’t neglect the job postings on social media. They’re just as legitimate as the jobs that are posted on other online job boards or the career section in newspapers and magazines.

Job Fact Friday: Unadvertised Jobs

Ever wonder why there aren’t a lot of jobs out there these days? Not getting a call back from employers? In last week’s Job Fact Friday, most people are still using Internet job boards to look for jobs. But did you know that more than 80% of available jobs aren’t advertised? More and more employers are trying to cut back on job advertisements. Instead, they’re developing referral programs where they ask their employees to refer candidates.

This is when networking becomes handy so make sure you let everyone know that you are looking for a job!