Energizing Your Days

energizing your days

It would be great if all us could work at peak performance all the way through the day, but invariably we slump and feel tired. Maybe your slump is before lunch, or after lunch, maybe it hits you mid-afternoon. Instead of giving in to the fact that there are times during the day when we’re only able to just get by, there are ways to help compensate so you’re working with more equal amounts of energy throughout the day. Here are a few tips to help you energize your days.


Mirror your tasks with your energy levels

Most people are at their best mid-morning and mid afternoon so it’s a good idea to organize your to-do list around your energy levels. Save the most complicated, mentally draining tasks for the times when you’re best equipped to handle them. That way, instead of letting them drag you down and making you even more tired you’ll breeze through them.


Energizing through movement

You don’t have to start doing jumping jacks at your desk, (although that would be cool) but you should get up. Go for a walk around the office. Get outside and walk around the building, find some excuse to walk up and down the stairs for a few minutes. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just make a point of doing something, several times a day. Any type of physical movement will boost your energy and alertness.


Close your eyes

Don’t close them under your desk in the middle of a nap, close them as part of a quick meditation. Here are a few examples of mindfulness meditation exercises, a great way to restore your energy levels during the day.


Skip the extra hit of caffeine

Instead of actually providing more energy, what coffee does is mask the effects of low energy levels, so it’s best to avoid getting into the habit of using it as a go-to pick-me-up.


Don’t forget the importance of a good night’s sleep

You might think you’re functioning just fine on only a few hours sleep but studies have shown that being sleep deprived has the same impact on your brain as a couple of glasses of wine. Check out these 10 Things to Hate about Sleep Loss from WebMD. The best way to power through the day is to get more rest through the night!


Long Distance Job Hunting

long distance job hunting


You want to move to a new city AND already have a job lined up when you get there. Is that even possible? Yes. If you plan for it.

Outstanding resume 

You already know you need a stand out resume to get a job in the city you’re in. If you want a job in another city that resume doesn’t just need to stand out, it needs to shine like a treasure in Aladdin’s cave.  Catch the recruiter’s attention with a glitter so irresistible you get the opportunity to talk to them and explain exactly what treasure you can bring to their cave.

Accommodate their schedule

If you are applying for a job in a time zone that is opposite your own, make sure you make it as easy as possible for the potential employer to have a Skype call with you. If that means interviewing at 1 am, then you are going to be looking and sounding spectacular at 1 am.

You don’t want to give them any reason to discount you. You’re the one applying from far away. They are already making allowances for you, so make the interview easy for them.

Make sure they realize you are not local

Address your current location and your total willingness to relocate right off the bat in your cover letter. Don’t try to trick them into thinking you’re already where they are because deception is not the foot on which to step into a new relationship. Honesty is always the best policy.

Start off by making sure everyone is on the same page and if all goes well, you’ll all soon be in the same city.

Become A More Persuasive Salesperson

Become A More Persuasive Salesperson


When you approach someone with your product or service chances are they weren’t sitting around thinking about how much they’ve been wanting that thing you’re about to offer them. Persuasion is the art of helping them decide that yes in fact that something they are interested in.


Establish a rapport

The first thing you want to do is establish a rapport and that begins by finding some common ground. The best way to find that ground is through questions. Smile, act confident start the process of getting to know this individual in front of you a little.


Focus on the positives

You wouldn’t be promoting your product or service if it didn’t have great things going for it. Now that you’ve gotten to know the person a little see if you can line up some of those benefits with something you’ve gotten to know about that person.


Turning objections into strengths

If someone throws out an objection about your product and you don’t have an answer ready, by the time you come up with one you’ll most likely be looking at the backside of your potential customer.


Come up with ways to turn all the objections you know about into strengths. Agree with the person’s objection and then explain how it’s not really a problem at all because the product actually has these strengths. Every time you hear an objection write it down and then figure out the strengths you can highlight to overturn it.


Start small

You want to the person you’re speaking with to agree with something you’re saying. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or even have anything to do with your product or service. Once they’ve had a positive interaction with you on one point they’ll be more inclined to have another positive communication because once a flow of conversation is going in one direction it will tend to keep going in that direction. A smiling, nodding, positive conversation full of yeses will tend to stay on that track.


Show them the bandwagon

People like to be part of the group. If they believe most other people are doing something or are interested in something they want to be part of the majority. Let them know how much other people are using or enjoying your product or service. If you have statistics or testimonials, all the better.

Becoming a Top 20% Salesperson

Becoming a Top 20% Salesperson


You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule, that states that 80% of the results in a given situation can be attributed to 20% of the people working towards those results. That means the top 20% of the salespeople in a company will make 80% of the sales.


Take control

Top twenty percenters have certain attributes. They don’t hope for the best they commit to being the best.  Holding no illusions that they’re somehow going to magically rise to the top, they decide they’re going to get there and then hold themselves accountable every step on the way. There’s a grand canyon between hoping for something and deciding you’re going to get something. One leaves the achievement of the thing to outside forces. The other takes control.


Acknowledge successes

They look at everyday as another opportunity to learn something that’s going to bring them closer to their goals. They implement what they’re learning and keep on working away on that skill like a sculptor on stone, until that skill or the sculpture inside the stone is revealed. When those skills lead to successes they don’t just let them pass like ships in the night they stop and acknowledge the accomplishment. They reward themselves in some way to keep themselves incentivized.


Not afraid of fear

Fear is the great stopping point to so much success. The two things that people most fear are: failure and looking bad in front of others. Those fears are what prevent so many people from giving their careers 100% of their energy and dedication. You can’t fail 100% if you’re only putting in 60% or 70% effort.


Top twenty percenters do not let fear get in their way. They are as afraid as anyone else, but they go ahead and put themselves out there anyway. As Henry Ford said, “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”


A personal commitment to results

Top twenty percenters are not giving lip service to their company or their product, they are speaking with 100% conviction and commitment. To be a strong salesperson you have to believe in yourself. To believe in yourself you have to believe in what you’re doing. You can’t believe 60% or 70% or even 99%. It has to be 100%. If you don’t have 100% believe in yourself and your company then why are you there?


Clear direction

A lawyer never asks someone on the stand a question without knowing the answer. Top twenty percent salespeople are fully prepared and versed on every aspect of the their product and the people they’re selling that product to. They may never say the same thing twice, but they have a clear, defined system for what they’re going to say.

How Are You Perceived Online?

How Are You Perceived Online?


We all use social media so much it’s become part of our everyday lives. Personal uses for social media aside, have you thought about how social media can help or hinder your career?



Before you apply for a job, you probably Google the company. What do you think the hiring manager will do before considering you for the job? Right, they’re going to Google you.


So beat them to the punch. Google yourself. What’s there? Does it make you look good? Professional? Fun? Or is there some embarrassing stuff? Make sure you take the time to check and adjust your public image accordingly.


Create a professional version of yourself. If you don’t feel like you can let go of that tumblr account you created about funny cats, go ahead and keep it, but don’t keep it under your name. Everything associated with you should be professional. The twitter feed associated with your name shouldn’t have an outlandish username or contain silly posts. Your Facebook should be clean and private.



It’s a good idea to also create a website as a professional landing space on Google. Use it to write about what you do. Include any references you may have and contact information. Think of it as an online, expanded resume. You could include a sort video introduction to you and what you’re all about.



Do you have a LinkedIn account? Are you active there? Do you post and share and interact? Do you network there? Because a lot of employers do all those things. The little corner of the social media that is LinkedIn is one of your top sources for finding a job.


Ensure your social media presence is as professional and engaging as you so when the next potential employer Googles your name, virtual you is as inspiring as in-person you.

Thought About Finding a Mentor?

Thought About Finding a Mentor?


Unless you’re trying to do something no one else on the planet has ever accomplished or even conceived of, then you are not the first. No one is you so they won’t have done exactly what you’re going to do from your perspective or with your intentions, but if you want to become a manager or president of the company for instance, and you know others have become managers before you, then they have experiences you don’t.


Avoid pitfalls and fast track your way through mazes

They have knowledge of some of the pitfalls awaiting you and short cuts to get you to your destination faster. They gained experience along the way and have connections with people who have helped them. So if you want to stubbornly do every single thing for yourself, make all your own mistakes, take longer to achieve your goals than necessary, waste time and expense pursuing avenues that aren’t going to be of any help, then by all means work away diligently by yourself. However if you want to speed things along, avoid potholes, fast track your way through inevitable mazes, then find yourself a mentor.


You can have more than one mentor

Don’t just find yourself a mentor, find several. Sticking with the manager example, you won’t only have to become good at one thing, you’ll have to become strong at a host of things. Relationship building, finances, time management, etc. etc. etc.


If your network is extensive enough, why not find people who are strong at different things and get them to mentor you on those things. For example if you know someone who is especially great with people, take that person out for lunch or dinner and learn what they know. Visit them in a their professional environment. See them in action, talk to the people they work with. Get a perspective from the other side.


Instead of clearing a path through that jungle follow the path they’ve carved. Then follow another path already cleared by someone who’s spent tons of time becoming an expert on the shipping side of the business.


Pay it forward

The wheel only needed to be invented once. By taking advantage of mentors, people who can teach you and help you and inspire you, you’re fast tracking yourself to the time when you’ll be ready to forge your own path. The path someone else will follow when the time comes for them to start laying the groundwork for the manager they want to become.

What I Do Defines Me – Motivation Monday

What I Do Defines Me - Motivation Monday

What impresses you when you first meet someone? The car they drive? The Neighbourhood they live in? The clothes they wear? Those are the sorts of things that might grab your attention in the first few seconds, but after you’ve known someone for a while the exteriors matter less.

You start to pay more attention to what they do, how they treat others, their work ethic, their concern for the things they believe in.

Who are the people that impress you most? Are you impressed by what they have or what they do? Do you have a boss or a co-worker who always goes out of his or her way to help others? A neighbour who shovels the walk of the elderly couple across the way? A friend who drops by with a pot of soup when you’re sick? Those are the people we respect. The people we care about. The people we should strive to be.

When Commissioner Gordon shines the bat light in the sky he’s not doing it to summon a guy in a bat suit, he’s doing it to summon the person who he knows will help his city.

The outside stuff is cool, but ultimately, it’s transient. The things that make a lasting impression, the things that define us are the things we do.