4 Tips To Work Healthier


Have you read those studies about how sitting down will slowly kill you? They might be a little over the top, but theres truth in there. If your job has you sitting down at a desk and starring at a computer screen all day there are health risks, especially over a long period of time . If youre looking to work healthier and feel better throughout your day, weve got a couple tips that can help you out. 

Take Breaks and Move Around

Dont sit down all day. Take a break and go for a quick walk. Maybe you can walk around your office building if its nice out, or just run down to the coffee room and grab a drink of water. Getting up and about keeps your body in motion and the blood moving. You should also do stretches. This doesnt have to be big obtrusive stretches thatll get you weird stares in the office, just small ones at your desk will help.

More Water

Chances are, youre not drinking enough water. You should be having about 10 cups of water or beverages a day. Coffee and tea count! If youve ever experienced that 3 oclock wall of tiredness, its usually caused by dehydration. So keep drinking water and youll feel more awake, alert and healthy.

Check Your Posture

Posture leads to all kinds of problems. Everything from neck and back aches to dry eyes can be blamed on posture. Mashable offers a couple excellent tips for keeping good posture at work. The better your posture, the better youll feel after a long day at the office.  


This one is tricky. There arent too many workplaces where a small power nap is okay. Even a little nap after you get home can help you replenish on sleep you might not be getting at night. It might be a little outside the box, but consider taking a power nap in your car over the lunch break if youre really feeling droopy.

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If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep, don’t stress– there are plenty of ways to get to sleep quickly. Whether it’s meditation or putting your phone away, a nap isn’t far away


The healthier you are at work, the better work youll do and the better youll feel when you get home.