Sales Killers

Sales Killers

Talking too much

You may believe it’s necessary to go on at length about the benefits and features of the product or service you’re selling. If you spend too much time talking without listening then you run the risk of creating the impression that you care more about your product than the person you’re speaking to.


Instead you want to get the person to talk about themselves and their situation so you can determine the best way of directing the discussion.


You may think piling on facts is a great way of putting your product or service in the best light but unless the information is relevant to the person you’re speaking to, rather than enhancing your presentation it detracts. Sales killers come in the form of too much talk.

Letting the person you’re speaking to have control of the conversation

The best way to take control of the conversation is by asking questions. By asking the right questions You get to know the person better, and are better able to direct them towards the conversation you want to have. Your answers to the questions you finally want to ask will establish you as an expert in regards to your product or service.


One size fits all sales pitch

The second you go into a standard sales pitch that you’ve perfected for anyone, you’ve already lost the vast majority of individuals. Standardized pitches are sales killers. Find out about the person you’re speaking to then tailor what you say to them.


Not being prepared

Always have everything you need to complete your presentation. You should never have to scramble for information regarding pricing, sample information, or answers to questions that may come up. Create a checklist of everything you need and ensure you have it at the start of each day. Even if you’ve talked about a product a thousand times, every time you talk about it with a new person you’re making a first impression all over again. Make it a great one!


Not asking for the sale

At the end of your presentation you always need to ask for some sort of commitment from the person you’re speaking to. Don’t worry about coming across as pushy, simply finish off in the confident, friendly way you’ve conducted the rest of your presentation.