Social Media Series (Part 1): How to Search for Jobs on Twitter & Facebook

In this first part of our social media series, we will show you how to expand your job search to social media platforms. Companies have recently expanded their job advertisement strategies and turned to social media to recruit talent. Many of them even have a separate account specifically for posting jobs and other branding materials to attract job seekers. We all know that LinkedIn is commonly used social media page for jobs is LinkedIn. But did you know that Facebook and Twitter could also be valuable sites to find a job?

With over half a billion users worldwide,using Facebook is a great way to attract talent.

Search the company’s Facebook job page: Most companies nowadays have a Facebook page if they’re smart with their marketing strategies. Some larger ones even have a separate Facebook page just for positing jobs or a separate tab below their ‘cover photo’ next to their ‘page likes’. It is usually labeled as “We’re hiring” or “Careers”

To make things easier, search “[company name] Facebook jobs” in your Internet browser and usually the company’s Facebook page will pop up (if they have one). Make sure you include the word “jobs” so your browser can distinguish between the company’s Facebook page and their Facebook jobs page. You can also go on the company’s official website and look for them on Facebook. The icon is usually located at the top or bottom of the site or in ‘Contact Us’.

Navigating on the company’s Facebook job page: Once you’re in the jobs page, there will be a search bar for you to type in the position you desire and the location you want to work in. Another way to search for jobs is to click on their ‘current job openings’ and see if anything is suitable or narrow it down by categories.

Even though Twitter is a bunch of continuous tweets with only 140 characters, there are still effective ways to utilize this platform to find jobs.

Search the company’s Twitter job page: Just like Facebook, some companies will have a separate Twitter page strictly to tweet out their job openings. Again, type in “[company name] Twitter jobs” in your web browser. The company’s Twitter handle will usually contain the word ‘jobs’ in it to distinguish from their main Twitter page.

Use #hashtags to search for jobs on Twitter: Ah, the famous number sign – the hashtag. It is the most effective way to search for anything on Twitter without scrolling through endless tweets. But to narrow your search to jobs only, type in these common hashtags in the search bar: #jobs, #hiring, #[job title], #[name of industry], #[location of job], #[company name], #jobopening. Companies will use some of these hashtags in their tweets when they post a job to make it easier for candidates to find it.

Tune in for part 2 of our Social Media Series tomorrow about different kinds of job boards and apps you can use for Facebook job searches.

Job Fact Friday: Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the new job search tool. Generation Y has made social media such a large part of their lives that companies are picking up this trend and posting jobs on social media websites. Common ones include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. So the next time you’re browsing online, make sure you don’t neglect the job postings on social media. They’re just as legitimate as the jobs that are posted on other online job boards or the career section in newspapers and magazines.